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Actress Taryn Manning sentenced for assault

The actress was put in jail for a day last month after an early-morning fight, and she was sentenced today for the assault.

Taryn Manning

Taryn Manning finally learned her fate after being arrested last month for assaulting her assistant, and it’s not a severe punishment by any means.

“[Manning] was offered an ACD, or adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, and one day of community service, by prosecutors,” said E! News.

The assault happened the morning of Oct. 12, at the Dream Hotel in New York. Manning’s assistant, Holliann Hartman, was “roughed up” by the actress.

“Police sources [said] that the incident occurred… when the 33-year-old Manning punched and kicked the 23-year-old woman, causing scratches and bruises to the latter’s face and neck,” said E! News. “She also allegedly grabbed the victim by the throat.”

But after Manning was arrested, Hartman said she didn’t want to press any charges. The day of community service Manning will have to do is less time than the actress already spent in jail. When she was arrested, she waited more than 24 hours until she was released.

“If Manning stays out of trouble for six months and completes her one day of community service, she’ll be in the clear and her charge will be dismissed,” said E!

The light sentence was handed down partially because of Manning’s lack of record and because Hartman didn’t want to press charges.

A New York district attorney said that “this is a completely standard disposition for someone with no criminal record [who] had been charged with misdemeanors in a case where the complaining witness became uncooperative,” said E!

In addition to being Manning’s assistant, Hartman has been called Manning’s makeup artist and hairstylist.

33-year-old Manning may be best known for her role in 8 Mile, playing Eminem‘s girlfriend. She also starred in Britney Spears‘ movie Crossroads. The actress is as busy as ever lately, with eight projects set to come out in 2012 or 2013.

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