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5 Cool gifts for TV lovers

Ever find yourself stretching for the perfect gift for that TV fan of yours? Look no further, we’ve got five ideas that will sit right with any TV connoisseur.



In this digital age there’s no reason to settle. Even with all the recording programs and opportunities available the easiest option, by far, is to stream. You call the shots. Everything runs on your schedule, all with the push of a button. This little black box opens up a whole new world of viewing experience replete with over 600 movie channels and shows, as well as Netflix, Hulu, HBO and more. (Amazon, $60)


Aeolus Down Microplush Down Alternative Throw

This ultra warm and soft blanket is the perfect gift to keep your TV lover warm this winter. Just a warning, they might hate you a little when it comes time to start being productive again, because they’ll never want to get off the couch! (Amazon, $25)


Dexter DVD set, Seasons 1-5

Give the gift of thrill. Dexter has quickly become everyone’s favorite killer of serial killers, and for a good reason. Despite the violent context, Dexter is a case study of human emotion, justification and dilemma. Watch one episode and you’ll be hooked. Luckily, this box set comes with 5 full seasons so you can get your fix! (Amazon, $115)

TV trivia

The Ultimate TV Trivia Game

Test your favorite TV lover’s knowledge with the Ultimate TV Trivia Game. This game has over 1,000 questions that range from present-day programs to shows that have been off the air for ages. This gift is sure to keep any TV lover entertained this holiday season. (Amazon, $11)

Remote Caddy remote caddy

There is no worse fate for a TV lover than losing their remote. With this remote caddy that hangs over the arm of your favorite arm hair or sofa, you’ll never have to worry about losing the clicker again. (Amazon, $10)

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