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Shopping through the pages

Not yet ready to hit the mall running? You’ll be in the holiday shopping mood after you give these series a try. From stories about personal shoppers to secret shoppers, these light, fun books will brighten up your spirits.

Shopaholic SeriesConfessions of a Shopaholic
by Sophie Kinsella

Everyone wants to be Becky Bloomwood, with her trendy London flat, perfect taste and busy social life. If only her friends knew the truth. In Confessions of a Shopaholic, the first book in Sophie Kinsella’s popular Shopaholic series, we learn that Becky’s writing job doesn’t even come close to paying for her rich-and-famous lifestyle. Becky isn’t worried, though — surely, one of her zany schemes will succeed in getting her out of her debt. Throughout the series, Becky’s predicaments will keep you laughing as she struggles with her shopping obsession, despite gaining a reputation as a financial guru. The latest entry, Mini Shopaholic, makes it clear that neither marriage nor motherhood can keep Becky from wielding her credit cards.

Annie Valentine SeriesThe Personal Shopper
by Carmen Reid

When the London elite have trouble finding just the right accessories for their latest ball gowns, they turn to Annie Valentine, whose fashion sense can’t be beat. Carmen Reid introduces us to Annie in The Personal Shopper, the first of a fun series that takes readers behind the scenes of a posh department store. In addition to following the latest fashion trends, Annie has to deal with a difficult boss, raise two children on her own and schedule time to date. In later books, Annie thinks about starting her own business and gets tangled up in the television world. Readers will love the diverse characters and visiting the fashion hot spots of the world as they follow Annie’s adventures from the first book through the latest, Shopping with the Enemy.

Secret Shopper SeriesThe Secret Shopper's Revenge
by Kate Harrison

Have you ever wanted to be paid to shop? If so, becoming a secret shopper might be your dream job. Kate Harrison’s trilogy, starting with The Secret Shopper’s Revenge, reveals the exciting and thankless world of the retail spy. Emily, Sandie and Grazia test everything from hotel service to customer service. They shop in elite boutiques and on the high street, all for the sake of trying to make ends meet. The professional shoppers pose as disgruntled customers, take their cranky toddlers with them and do whatever it takes to uncover both the good and the bad in their clients’ employees. Readers will empathize with the shopping team, who must find balance between their careers and their family lives. Harrison bases the novels on her personal experience as a secret shopper, bringing an authenticity to the series.

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