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Exclusive Hitchcock Janet Leigh clip

Anthony Hopkins has creepy down to a science. Watch as he proposes the famous Psycho shower scene to Scarlett Johansson, aka Miss Janet Leigh.

“I do have a concern or two,” Leigh (Johansson) states in this exclusive clip.

Rightfully so!

She’s about to embark on one of the more controversial movie scenes of her time, and the air around her seems only to thicken as Hitchcock’s wife, Alma (Helen Mirren), shows anything but approval of the discussion at hand.

“Cut together, the montage will only suggest nudity, suggest violence,” Hitchcock (Hopkins) says. “Nothing will actually be shown.”

It doesn’t help that he continues to provoke the sensitivity, adding, with the touch of a cold hand, “Of course, having you in the shower will make it all the more — well — titillating.”

Awkward, right?!

But isn’t that why we love Hopkins in the lead?

His command pulls the strings of every last hair on our necks and somehow, though disgusted, we can’t look away.

Hitchcock examines many of the intense interactions that fueled the director’s life, particularly throughout his time producing the classic, Psycho.

It appears there was nearly as much — if not more — drama behind the camera as there was in front.

Perhaps the inner turmoil and trials of Hitchcock’s personal life drove his twisted knife that much further into his film career.

Alma must have been a strong woman to support all of his endeavors and Mirren appears to have nailed that portrayal wholeheartedly.

Furthermore, leading roles from the beautiful Johansson and Jessica Biel help bring this all home.

Hitchcock slashes into theaters Nov. 23.

Video courtesy of Fox Searchlight

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