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Lindsay Lohan agrees to sit down with Jay Leno

Just days after canceling an interview with Barbara Walters, the actress agreed to appear on the Tonight Show. But will Leno be easier on her?

Lindsay Lohan

Last week, Lindsay Lohan hired a new publicist after having been fired by her last two. The new publicist wasted no time getting her into the news — just last week, the actress announced she would be canceling her upcoming 20/20 interview with Barbara Walters.

Despite the cancellation, it looks like Lohan’s publicist wasn’t trying to keep her out of the public eye, because today, reports are saying she will be sitting down with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. But according to the New York Post, that may be due less to Lohan’s wanting to be interviewed and more to the fact that she is “contractually obligated” to do one interview for her upcoming film, Liz & Dick. Also, Lohan’s publicist may believe that Leno will be a little easier on the actress than Walters would have been.

Walters’ interview was touted as a “tell-all” with Lohan, making her fans hopeful they would hear some tough questions answered. But that appears to be what her new PR firm was worried about.

“The firm was apparently worried that Walters would ask questions about her latest brush with the law — allegations that she lied to cops about who was driving her car following an accident in LA last summer,” said the New York Post.

Lohan has had a hard time keeping a publicist in the last few years, and she finally found Roger and Cowen, a “longtime celebrity PR firm,” said the NY Post. The Walters interview was canceled after the new firm was hired.

So far, the expression “tell-all” has not been linked to Lohan’s Tonight Show interview with Jay Leno, so there is a good chance he really will be easier on Lohan and just focus on the movie project. Liz & Dick is a “biographical” movie about Elizabeth Taylor’s relationship with Richard Burton.

The interview with Jay Leno will air Monday, Nov. 12, and Liz & Dick will air on Lifetime on Sunday, Nov. 20.

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