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Nicki Minaj: Barbara Walters spread Mariah Carey lies

Nicki Minaj has got something to say about not only Mariah Carey, but new nemesis Barbara Walters! The rapper has some choice words for the host of The View, who is accused of choosing sides and flinging lies in the American Idol feud.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj wants everyone to know Barbara Walters isn’t playing fair when it comes to her feud with fellow American Idol judge Mariah Carey. After doing her best to keep mum about the subject to the press, the rapper has let loose, wondering where the heck Walters’ journalistic integrity has gone to.

On the second episode of Nicki Minaj‘s My Truth special series on E!, talk of the Mariah Carey feud was caught on camera.

“Twenty minutes before that happened, she egged me on and I walked off — I stormed off the stage because didn’t wanna do that,” Nicki Minaj explained of trying to keep her cool with Mariah Carey while talking to Young Money president Mack Maine. “So I left and when I came back it was another jab.”

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“She’s admitted that she did not want another female doing the show, thinking somebody’s coming to steal her shine,” the American Idol judge went on. “And nitpicking, nitpicking, nitpicking — I don’t do well with that passive aggressive sh*t. I’m not gonna allow it no more. I can’t. I work and keep it moving, I don’t even f**k with the people in this business.”

Later on, Nicki Minaj again let loose after hearing about Barbara Walters talking about the Mariah Carey feud on The View.

“I really felt good when I left yesterday and then I hear that Mariah went to Barbara Walters with some more fabrication that even the producers told her was never said,” Nicki explained.

“Telling Barbara I said something about a gun, which everybody knows that I’m way smarter than that. Literally my jaw was just hanging open and I was in shock. I’ve never in my life said anything regarding a gun.”

While the gun gossip may be traceable back to having started with Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj is furious with Barbara Walters for spreading the gossip without calling to get her side of the story.

“Am I not good enough for you to get my side, because I’m a little black girl that raps?” Nicki Minaj ranted, addressing Barbara Walters. “Because if I was J. Lo, you would’ve called J. Lo’s camp. But are we not good enough for you, Barbara? ‘Cause you wasn’t even there when I was on the show, Barbara. So I guess I’m not good enough but I’m only good enough for you to tell people I’m ‘unpredictable,’ when you don’t f*****g know me?”

Do you think Nicki Minaj has a right to be mad at Barbara Walters?

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