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Vacay from your vacay: Best books to read

The holidays are, of course, meant to be a happy time filled with good will and cheer. But that doesn’t mean we don’t sometimes need a vacation from the vacation, a little escape from all the hustle and bustle, some time alone and away from those we love but who can also drive us crazy. And what better way to get away from it all than with an engrossing novel?

The Shortest Way Home by Juliette Fay

The Shortest Way Home
by Juliette Fay

You’ll love this novel that has the perfect blend of humor and compassion.

Sean has spent twenty years in Third World war zones and natural disaster areas, fully embracing what he’d always felt was his life’s mission. But when burnout sets in, Sean is reluctantly drawn home to Belham, Massachusetts, the setting of Fay’s much-loved Shelter Me. There, he discovers that his steely aunt, overly dramatic sister, and quirky nephew are having a little natural disaster of their own. When he reconnects with a woman from his past, Sean has to wonder if the bonds of love and loyalty might just rewrite his destiny. Completely relatable, The Shortest Way Home is another perfect serving of a slice of life from the irresistible Fay.

How I Came to Sparkle by Kaya McLarenHow I Came to Sparkle Again
by Kaya McLaren

A warmhearted read, this story of three people at a crossroads is perfect escape when things get chaotic.

More than 10 years have passed since Jill Anthony left the ski town of Sparkle, Colorado. When her life takes an unexpected, tragic turn, the only place she wants to run to is her home in Sparkle. Lisa Carlucci decides it’s time she finds a real, loving relationship. And although all signs point to it happening, she’s not sure she wants that love to be with her best friend, a ski bum who lives in a trailer. Cassie Jones is only 10 years old and has already lost her mother. She’s lost faith in everything, and her only solace comes through messages she believes are being sent by her mother in the form of the heart-shaped rocks they once collected in the streams of Sparkle.

Forgotten by Catherine McKenzie

by Catherine McKenzie

After too many days under one roof with the family, you might contemplate what it would be like to trade in your own and completely start over. But what if you didn’t have a choice? An engrossing novel from start to finish, Forgotten explores what happens when starting over isn’t exactly up to you.

Emma Tupper, a lawyer with a bright future ahead of her, takes a two-month leave of absence to go on a dream vacation to Africa but ends up facing consequences she never expected. While there, she gets sick and spends six months in a remote village. Meanwhile, her family and boyfriend have no idea what has happened to her and believe her to be dead. When she gets home, she discovers that life has continued without her.

She struggles to piece together the life she once knew, returning to work on a big case and attempting to get her apartment back from the photographer (who also happens to be quite handsome) who is now living there. Those closest to her think she should see this as an opportunity to change her life, but she’s not so sure.

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