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Skyfall slays weekend box office

Big surprise: James Bond and Skyfall smoke the competition.


Top 10

Find out what topped the charts this weekend!



Daniel Craig and the latest installment of James Bond absolutely dominated this weekend’s box office with a whopping $88 million. Bond may be a secret agent, but there was nothing covert about the No. 1 spot this time around!

John C. Reilly and the animated world of Wreck-It Ralph had another solid weekend, landing second place with $33 million. Ralph is a video game villain looking for a change of face. He’s tired of being the bad guy and wants to try his (rather massive) hands at something nice for a change.



Denzel Washington managed to stay at the top with a $15 million weekend. Flight tells the story of a heroic pilot who undergoes major scrutiny on account of alcohol and other substances that turn up in his system after he manages to crash-land a malfunctioning aircraft and save nearly everyone on board.



Ben Affleck and his crew of faux-filmmakers dropped down a spot with Argo, but they still sit pretty comfortable in fourth place.

Taken 2 stayed put for the second week in a row at No. 5 on the list with $4 million.


Here Comes the Boom

Here Comes the Boom was the big surprise this week, moving up from the No. 9 spot to our No. 6. It appears Kevin James isn’t done fighting just yet. Join him on his journey to mixed martial arts in search of a redeeming cause to salvage his school.


Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas continued on its downward spiral moving to this week’s No. 7 seat. We had higher hopes for the Tom Hanks/Halle Berry film.


Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect came out of left field this week actually landing a seat within the top 10. Critics claim Rebel Wilson is amazing and keeps audiences laughing the whole time.


Man with the Iron Fists

Man with the Iron Fists — perhaps RZA should have kept to his rap roots. This martial arts film hasn’t really caught any momentum since its premiere and it’s probably safe to say this isn’t the fight the film was going for.


Hotel Transylvania

Adam Sandler, aka Dracula, rounded up the list in last place. With winter just around the corner, things may be getting a bit too cold for the Halloween context.

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