Patrick Schwarzenegger: “I might… have a future in politics

The next generation of America’s most famous political family may be following in their parents’ footsteps. But one of them, college freshman Patrick Schwarzenegger, has plenty of time to make the decision.

Patrick Schwarzenegger

Until a few months ago, Patrick Schwarzenegger was best known as the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver and a member of the Kennedy family. But a few months ago, younger generations learned all about him when he was rumored to be dating Taylor Swift (who, coincidentally, also dated his cousin Conor Kennedy).

But in the future, Schwarzenegger, a member of America’s most famous political family, may want to follow in that family’s footsteps. On election day, Schwarzenegger (listed as Patrick Shriver on Twitter) tweeted that this election season has made him think about his future.

“Currently in a political debate with my friends about Romney vs Obama,” he said. “I might actually have a future in politics now that I think about it.”

It does seem that a run for office is in Schwarzenegger’s blood. Not only is his mom’s family the Kennedys, but his dad is the former governor of California. Schwarzenegger’s granduncle was the 35th president of the United States, John F. Kennedy. The 19-year-old also has many family members still in the political world, including a cousin whom he tweeted to on Nov. 6.

“Huge huge huge congrats to my cousin @joekennedy for winning the congress seat in Massachusetts.”

After election day was over, Schwarzenegger decided to share some political views with his 67,000 followers on Twitter.

“Congrats President Obama!” he tweeted. “Lets all work together to get out of this economic slump and bring our national debt where it should be!”

But as a college freshman at University of Southern California, the young Schwarzenegger has plenty of time to make a decision. For now though, he does enjoy the political process (even if only as an opportunity to take a photo of himself for Twitter).

“Hope y’all go out and vote,” he wrote. “Getting the ‘I Voted’ sticker is worth it alone to go.”

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