Poor Emily Owens! Even docs can’t always get what they want

Ugh. Emily Owens just can’t win! Not only is the show earning poor ratings, but now the character’s archenemy is moving in on her longtime crush. Will Emily ever catch a break?

Emily Owens MD Cast

Of The CW’s three brand-new shows this year, only one has yet to be picked up for a full season. Poor Emily Owens, M.D. is still floundering around for an extra lift — much like its lead character, Emily (Mamie Gummer). Luckily, The CW has a couple things planned to spice up her life.

First, The Hollywood Reporter announced earlier today that Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s D.B. Woodside will soon join the cast. He’ll play the husband of Dr. Gina Bandari, Emily’s b****y, intimidating advisor. Hopefully, the addition of the hunk-and-a-half will boost ratings, as Woodside is certain to attract at least a few (thousand) of his former fangirls.

Emily Owens MD's Emily and Cassandra

Second, the next episode will continue to make Emily the most relatable character on television, as her worst enemy goes after her biggest crush. While ending up in the same hospital as your arch-nemesis from high school and your crush from med school seems a little farfetched, everything else about Emily’s life is pretty realistic. Having a crush on your best friend is absolutely something every girl can relate to, right? Then, when Emily made the unfortunate mistake of dramatically confessing her love for him, she was shot down. Isn’t that almost always the case?

Leave it to Emily — and the rest of womankind — to make things worse. In an effort to make Will (Justin Hartley) believe she was over him, she told him she had a crush on a fifth-year resident, Micah. When did she announce this? Right as her enemy, Cassandra, walked past. Before the end of the day, the news had gotten around to Micah. Luckily, when Emily explained, he completely understood. He’s kind of amazing, right?

On Tuesday’s episode, Emily and Cassandra go head-to-head again. This time, Cassandra announces she likes Will and she plans on making a move. Try as she might, Emily can’t keep the two apart. Finally, Will asks Emily if she’d be bothered by his dating Cassandra. In true best-friend fashion, Emily says it’s fine.

Now that Will is 100 percent out of the running, Emily Owens fans are no doubt hoping it’s Micah she ends up with and not the completely aloof Will.

Good luck, fans… and good luck, Emily Owens, M.D.!

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