The CW: “More Beauty and the Beast, please!

Everyone loves The CW’s awesome interpretation of Beauty and the Beast! Even The CW loves it: They’ve ordered a full season of the show.

Beauty and the Beast stars Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk

We hope you’re enjoying Beauty and the Beast because it’s sticking around until summer. The CW has officially ordered the “back nine” episodes for the show. That means we’ve got the rest of a long, full season ahead of us!

Despite never faring quite as well in viewership as competing stations like NBC and ABC, The CW continues to pick up more viewers with each of its stellar new shows. Beauty and the Beast is currently averaging about 2.4 million viewers an episode. While that’s not exactly Super Bowl numbers, it’s nothing to scoff at. The CW continues to be one of the highest-rated stations among viewers aged 18-49 (most likely especially among the younger half).

Arrow on the salmon ladder

It’s no wonder, really. While everyone else is offering reality shows or crime-scene dramas, The CW is offering something we all long for: escapism. Just like Gossip Girl‘s Chuck and Blair or The Vampire Diaries‘ Elena and Stefan/Damon, Beauty and the Beast continues to hint at one epic, fairy tale-worthy romance. It also helps that they do a stellar job at landing hotties for their casts. All of the previously mentioned shows boast their fair share of hotties, but you can find even more on the sets of Supernatural (hello, Misha Collins!) and the brand-new Arrow, with Stephen Amell, which was also recently picked up for the remainder of the season. Hot guys and steamy romance are exactly what you need after a long day of work and dealing with your far-from-perfect quasi-boyfriend.

Luckily for us, The CW will continue to grace us with our new favorites. We’ve got all winter and spring to wait for Cat and Vincent’s (Jay Ryan) first, second and millionth kiss on Beauty and the Beast. As for Arrow, we’ll keep anxiously awaiting the loss of Oliver’s shirt and the return of the salmon ladder.

Thanks, CW, for giving us girls to root for and boys to swoon over! (Or vice versa, really.)

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