Beauty and the Beast recap: Cat's birthday kiss

Nov 9, 2012 at 9:05 a.m. ET

Cat's birthday is the perfect time for her and Vincent to take things to the next level. Will a kiss change the course of their relationship?

Beauty and the Beast

It's Cat's (Kristin Kreuk) birthday, which is the perfect time for Vincent (Jay Ryan) to reflect on their odd, yet growing relationship. Every year, Vincent would secretly check in on Cat on her birthday since her mother's murder (not creepy stalker style at all). Now, he gets to do so for real with her knowing and everything. What a milestone they have reached!

However, he is once again on the fence about whether they should be in each other's lives. If they are close to each other, it puts them both in danger. And besides, how can a relationship succeed if it has to be kept a secret?

Cat's dealing with her own issues on the matter and hasn't quite made up her mind either. Even though she only wants to spend her birthday with Vincent, she's forced into a celebration by her sister. After a few drinks, she goes into a photo booth with the handsome Evan (Max Brown), who has been pursuing her for weeks now. He kisses her. It looks like it was a good kiss and she didn't pull away. Of course, this happens just when Vincent is sneaking into her room to leave a gift.

So, now Vincent is hurt and you feel bad for the guy, but this is a complicated situation and if you keep pushing a girl away she's going to land in another man's arms. Or on his lips.

The case this week, as they tend to do, lined up with what Cat and Vincent were going through. A woman, Amy, needs to be in the Witness Protection program, but she knows she is asking her husband, Michael, to leave so much behind to accompany her. He would have to give up his life for her and that's what Cat would have to do to be with Vincent. And like Amy, Vincent doesn't think he could ever ask Cat to do such a thing.

Amy and Michael had a happy ending and didn't have to live in secret, but will Cat and Vincent share the same fate?

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