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The Vampire Diaries recap: Elena’s first kill

Elena’s first kill may also kill her chances of a cure!

The Vampire Diaries

It looks like Connor (Todd Williams) and the cute Professor Shane are in this together. Maybe the professor isn’t going around slaying vampires, but he is helping the loathed vampire hunter to get what he wants. Connor was sent to Mystic Falls so he could kill enough vampires to complete his hunter’s tattoo and then Shane could give him some answers about it.

After their conversation, Connor, equipped with werewolf venom, stakes and a knife, takes Matt, Jeremy and April hostage at the Grille. Although Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) want to kill Connor immediately (didn’t see that one coming), Stefan (Paul Wesley) knows it’s wiser to keep him alive if he wants to cure Elena of being a vampire. Klaus, who’s in Italy trying to dig up the much needed sword, tells Stefan to capture and keep Connor alive.

While Stefan is busy devising a plan to capture Connor and is on the phone with Klaus to get some of his hybrids, Damon is plotting his way into the entrance. Elena wants to go in and be traded for a hostage, which is a ridiculous idea since she can’t control anything from her feeds to her emotions yet, and is clearly outmatched by the dangerous hunter. Instead, Damon and Elena duke it out and things get a little physical and flirtatious between them… again.

Eventually, Stefan is able to vervain Damon and tells Elena to her calm herself, and he crawls into the tunnels under the restaurant. But, now he’s in a bad situation. The place is rigged with werewolf venom bombs and other hunter traps, and Connor is ready to shoot Jeremy if Stefan doesn’t show himself.

Stefan is just about to give himself up when Elena comes and attacks Connor, his gun goes off, and he shoots Jeremy in the stomach. She would have killed him right away except Stefan runs with Connor into the tunnels. I’m sure that was pretty confusing to Elena. Elena is able to give Jeremy some of her blood and he’s fine. Then, she chases after Connor and when she catches him, she breaks his neck.

Of course, now Elena feels all bad about her first kill and digs a grave to bury Connor. She’s mad at Stefan for not saving Jeremy first and not keeping her from killing Connor (you make your own choices, woman!). As usual she’s caught between the two guys and is a sobbing mess about being a vampire. Damon had finally gotten the truth out of Stefan about the cure for being a vampire, but no one dared tell her she may have just killed the cure. Oops.

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