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Body confidence tips from Victoria’s Secret models

Who better to get body-confidence tips from than the ladies whose job it is to strut their stuff in lingerie? We went backstage at the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and asked the models themselves how you can feel better in your own body:

Victoria Secret Models

Before anything else? Attitude is everything!

“The thing is about being sexy, I think, no matter if you’re in lingerie [or] if you’re not, it’s all about confidence in yourself,” says model Cara Delevingne. “And I know that’s hard, because I know everyone has insecurities, and everyone feels inadequate at certain times, but that’s the thing: When men see a woman being confident, no matter what they’re doing, it’s a very amazing thing to see, and that’s what I think brings sexiness for sure.”

Next, get moving. Even — and especially! — when you’re having a less-than-perfect day.

“I think that when you love yourself on the inside, you automatically feel comfortable in your own skin, but it definitely helps me on days when I’m like, ‘Everything sucks,’ to get a workout into [my] day,” says PINK model Elsa Hosk. “Do a little routine. Go out and do something in the morning to make you feel good. And, body confidence? Just walk straight” — she mimes lifting her shoulders up — “like you own this! You own the street!”

Hosk says male admirers can pick up on inner strength: “Men can see — like everybody can see — when someone’s confident and when someone’s not. But it all comes from the inside.”

Candice Swanepoel & Rihanna

Candice Swanepoel & Rihanna

Bahati Prinsloo & Lily Aldridge

Behati Prinsloo & Lily Aldridge

Cara Delevingne & Justin Bieber

Cara Delevingne & Justin Bieber

If you have to skip one of those workouts? Cut yourself a break.

“The secret to body confidence for me is obviously working out and doing as much as I can, staying healthy at the same time, doing as much I can for the show, and knowing I tried my best,” says model Candice Swanepoel. “And knowing what attributes you have to show off.”

What’s Swanepoel’s workout of choice? Boxing! “Because if I’m punching, I’m not counting how many lifts — I go until I’m tired,” she says.

And now comes the icing on top — wrapping your hot, confident bod in pretty packaging. Just ask model Lindsay Ellingson, who shared with us how she gets in the mood.

“Besides a glass of wine?” she jokes. “I think lingerie — like buying a new matching set of lingerie for me, a gorgeous bra and panty, is something that really makes me feel sexy and gets me more in the mood.”

Vino plus nookie? Lindsay’s a girl after our own heart.

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