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The Vampire Diaries: Guilty, guilty!

Last week’s episode got pretty steamy. This week, Elena has to deal with the consequences, the majority of which she seems to heave upon herself!

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When we last saw Elena (Nina Dobrev), she’d just snacked on a delightful human and then bloodily danced with Damon (Ian Somerhalder) at a frat party at a nearby college — all in the name of “learning to be a vampire,” of course. The dance scene was filmed in the “shaky cam” technique and was, honestly, a little nauseating. But apparently, it was supposed to be sexy, especially when soundtracked by Calvin Harris’ “Feel So Close.”

Whatever. Anything involving Damon deserves the “sexy” descriptor, right?

This week, however, Elena has to deal with the consequences of that dance. She’s given herself a major guilt trip — or, as Damon likes to call it, a “shame spiral.” She still hasn’t told Stefan (Paul Wesley) about her dance with his brother.

Should she?

She admits she wasn’t in her right mind but that she was “high on blood, like some crackhead.”

Of things people do when they’re high, dancing together through half a song seems pretty innocent, right? Yet, as always, Elena is still sulking… this time in shame.

Meanwhile, in Mystic Falls, a day can’t go by without a do-or-die event. Today, the vampire hunter Connor is at the Grill and holding Jeremy, Matt and April hostage. Stefan and Klaus form an unlikely (and no doubt ill-fated) alliance in order to take down Connor, but will it work? Damon and Stefan disagree on what might be the best thing to do, and that, of course, leaves Elena in the middle — again.

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