American Horror Story‘s Kit wants redemption

American Horror Story is filled with twists and turns. The FX drama keeps us on our toes as we try to separate the guilty from the innocent. Tonight, one of the patients shows a crack in their facade.

Evan Peters

This season of American Horror Story is a roller-coaster ride. It’s barely been a month since Asylum premiered and we’re already obsessed with its new characters. One of them, Kit Walker, has our undivided attention.

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Kit’s a special case. Unlike most of his institutionalized peers, we believe he’s innocent. He couldn’t brutally murder his wife or anyone else. But the longer he stays at Briarcliff, the more he cracks.

In an interview with TVLine, actor Evan Peters revealed that Kit’s stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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After visiting the hospital shrink, Dr. Thredson (Zachary Quinto), Kit’s reminded of his options. Either confess to the murders and face the death penalty or play crazy and live in Briarciff forever.

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“He’s trying to find redemption,” says Peters. “If he did these things, he doesn’t want to go to hell for it. So he tries to seek forgiveness from none other than a nun [Sister Jude].” Does this show a break in Kit’s sanity? At first, he was adamant about his innocence, but now he’s covering his bases.

Kit was partly transported to Briarcliff because of his outlandish defense. He didn’t kill anyone, the aliens did. As you could imagine, that didn’t go over well. His freedom rests in the hands of extraterrestrials that may or may not show themselves. “If they don’t, he’ll be condemned. And if they do, redemption,” Evans says.

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