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Obama vs. Romney: Time for a divided country to play nice

Wow. Last night’s nail-biting election left many folks a little dizzy. Regardless of whether your guy won or lost, the close race showed we are a nation divided. So how can so much passion on differing sides of the fence learn to play nice? Let’s revisit a few things we learned from first grade…


Be a composed non-winner

Remember, boys and girls, there are no losers! Just non-winners. If you are a Romney supporter, this is a disappointing morning for you. You may want to lash out or say something hateful and immature about either President Obama or an Obama supporter. Your guy didn’t win. You have to get over it. You’ve heard it before — we’re Americans, it’s time to stand behind our leader. Remember that you got to have a voice, and that you get to vote again in four years. If you’re really struggling this morning, launch a private rant, either through e-mail or Facebook with like-minded folks who share your pain.

Be a respectful winner

If you’re an Obama supporter, remember that nearly half of the country didn’t want your guy to win. Tempting though it may be, especially since you and conservative friends may have entered into some pre-election speculation, don’t gloat. It’s poor form, but more than that you could really alienate someone close to you over something neither one of you has control over now that the vote has been decided. Let it be enough that your candidate won. You can say neener-neener-boo-boo in your head as much as you want.

Use your words

This morning, the best course of action is to just accept what is. It’s a bit futile in the 11th hour to continue to debate the candidates’ policies and campaign promises. If you insist on doing this, remember two things — keep it polite and keep it brief. If your guy didn’t win last night and an Obama supporter in your office gets smug and snarky, walk away. Close your door. People are passionate about politics, but now that the election is decided there is nothing to be gained by getting caught up in an embroiled and passionate debate.

Work together

It was interesting during the presidential debates that the candidates were in agreement on several subjects. In fact, Romney was criticized by his party for saying he agreed with the president as much as he did. That should give voters a measure of hope that now that the election is over, everyone can roll up their sleeves and work together to meet the goals of this country. At the end of the day, both parties want to reduce the nation’s debt, re-build the economy, and get Americans back on track.

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