Music review: Kate Earl's "One Woman Army"

Nov 7, 2012 at 11:33 p.m. ET

Kate Earl flatters our ears and ignites our hearts in her first single off her new album and in an exclusive behind-the-scenes music video.

Kate EarlA melting voice from a melting pot

The voice is as unique as the beauty of this artist. Sometimes she sounds innocently country, other times eerie folk-indie, and then I almost hear light-hearted pop. Whatever it is, it is delicate and pure. Gentle and beautiful, her singing style reminds me of Kate Havenik. And it helps that she also is easy on the eyes. An Alaska native, she is of Filipino and Dutch/Welsh descent. When you watch the video below, you will notice a passing resemblance to Jessica Biel (could be the haircut) or Sarah Shahi (from Fairly Legal on USA Network).

This particular song exudes a certain '70s vibe (it was feeling very Bee Gees). But it was Glamourthat put it perfectly — her music on this album, titled Stronger, is similar to that of Joni Mitchell or Stevie Nicks. In the behind-the-scenes exclusive video (below), we all get to see the inspiration responsible for the song: her darling 2-year-old son. "One Woman Army" was written for him and is the first single off her new album.

What's stronger than a mother?

Nothing. Speaking of armies, mothers are soldiers aren't they? They fight our battles, make sacrifices, and protect us. That's what makes this song so profound — it's about making an unselfish decision to be fearlessly devoted.

Kate Earl is a mother and a musician. This song exposes the often tough sacrifices and responsibilities mothers face while balancing a thousand different roles. As if motherhood wasn't tough enough, imagine the competition and work ethic needed to make it in music. Beyond that, the video gives us a bird's-eye view into her life while she balances both passions — parenting and singing/songwriting.

Although that may be how the song took root, the lyrics are versatile. It could apply to anyone with fierce beliefs and a drive to persevere to provide loyal companionship to a friend, family member, or loved one:

"Never knew what I was signing up for,
Knew it was hard but not this hardcore,
Never gonna stop, never gonna give up on you."

We hope to hear more and see more of this talented, fresh-faced mother who has already opened the floodgates of respect for her tribute to her beloved child. Fans of unadulterated true talent, honest lyrics, and a tranquil voice will find her music refreshing.

Keep an eye out for new music from her!

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