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Revolution recap: Branded

A secret is revealed, the power comes on just in time, and Charlie joins the Militia.

Charlie and Miles try to rescue a young man

On the crew’s journey to Philly to rescue Danny, they come across another young man who needs saving. Peter, the leader of a small band of well-armed children, has recently been captured by Monroe’s Militia. Peter left behind his brother Michael and loyal followers who are hell-bent on taking on the Militia. But, small in stature, outmanned and out-armed, the children will surely lose, which is why Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) demands to help them. Even Miles (Billy Burke) doesn’t take too much convincing this time around.

To save Peter, Charlie has to get captured by the Militia and taken to a large ship. Miles says the ship is a place where they take children, “re-educate them,” and then turn them into soldiers. If that’s where they took Peter, it would be impossible to get him out because it is just too heavily guarded. Charlie, of course, is not fazed by the news. She sets herself up as bait for the Militia, allows herself to get captured, and wakes up on the ship in Militia soldier attire.

Standing in single-file lines like proper little soldiers, the young recruits are getting lectured abut the wondrous ways of Monroe and the heroic actions of his Militia. One boy says he would like to go home. He’s made to believe he’s allowed to leave at anytime, but when he heads for the exit he is severely beaten. Soon after, Charlie tries to escape, but gets caught. Instead of a beating, she is branded with the Monroe Militia logo for life.

Miles worries when Charlie isn't back

Since Charlie isn’t back on time, Miles and Nora (Daniella Alonso) leave Aaron (Zak Orth) and the rest of the kids in the basement of a lighthouse while they go save Charlie. Miles and Nora have some success getting Charlie and Peter, but just when they are about to get off the ship, they are captured by Monroe’s men. Just then, Aaron’s pendant decides to work and almost magically the power turns on in the lighthouse, sending a spotlight toward the ship and shocking everyone. This gives our heroes the perfect opportunity to take out the bad guys and get to safety.

So, what’s up with the power? We get some answers from Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell)  as Monroe threatens to torture Danny if she doesn’t start handing over some more information about the pendants.

In an attempt to create a clean-energy source, Ben did the opposite and created a product that inhibits electricity. The U.S. Department of Defense is interested in the product, but Ben and Rachel don’t want to sell it to him because they are concerned it could be used as a weapon.

But, at the time, Rachel’s pregnancy with Danny was in trouble and she needed special care at a hospital that had a waiting list. A man from the DOD, Flynn, offers to get her in if they agree to work together. And here we see she will do anything to save Danny. And, unfortunately, Monroe knows he’s her weakness and will definitely be using him against her even more in the future.

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