Beyond Twilight: New YA series to get hooked on

Now that the last Twilight movie is out in theaters, it’s time to look for some new Young Adult series to thrill and delight you. Here are three series that you should give a try — they may not be brand new, but at least one is likely to be new to you — in order to fill that Twilight-shaped hole in your heart.

Beautiful Creatures coverBeautiful Creatures
(Book 1 of the Beautiful Creatures series)
Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Set in the southern town of Gatlin, Beautiful Creatures oozes a close, gothic atmosphere while telling the story of (what else?) doomed teenage love. Ethan Wate can’t wait to graduate from high school and escape from Gatlin — the only thing that interests him at home anymore are the dreams he’s been having of a beautiful girl he’s never met. So when Lena Duchannes comes to town, Ethan’s shocked because he’s seen her before — in his dreams. As Lena struggles with an otherworldly power that has been in her family for generations, Ethan must help her decide who she wants to be.

Shiver cover

(Book 1 of the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy)
Maggie Stiefvater

If werewolves are your thing and the prospect of no more Jacob Black has you sad, then you should check out Shiver. Grace loves the wolves that populate the woods behind her home, though most people in her small town feel otherwise. She especially feels close to the wolf with yellow eyes, the one she believes watches her and once saved her when she was in the woods. But what Grace doesn’t know is that he’s not a wolf at all, but a teenage boy named Sam who is forced to live part of the year as a wolf. When Grace finally meets Sam as a human, their connection is closer than anything she’s ever felt, and she knows it will change her forever.

Girl of Fire and Thorns coverThe Girl of Fire and Thorns
(Book 1 of the Fire and Thorns trilogy)
Rae Carson

Let’s say you secretly loved Twilight but couldn’t stand Bella’s simpering and whining. If you’re looking for a character-driven story about a strong, independent teenage girl, then Rae Carson’s trilogy is definitely for you. Elisa is a princess marked by God for some greater purpose, but she can’t imagine what that might be. After all, she only manages to disappoint those around her — her father, her sister, and now her new husband, the king of a foreign land. But as Elisa learns about her new country and finds wisdom within herself that she didn’t know she had, she discovers the strength to lead in her own right.

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