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Beauty and the Beast recap: Surrender

Vincent wasn’t joking when he was worried about the Meerfield guys finding out he was alive. They did find out and now Vincent must turn himself in to keep Cat safe.

Vincent and Cat face new problems

The story is a little different this week when Vincent (Jay Ryan) happens upon a young man who’s been beaten and actually takes the case to Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and offers his help for a change. This time there is no tug-of-war, no twisting of any arms, but a new partnership where both sides are willing participants. J.T. (Austin Basis) is the smarty pants, however, who knows this will only lead to trouble. And it does.

While Cat is in the middle of following a lead, she is attacked by two Meerfield suits. I completely called it when I said they would send their big guns after her, because even though she put up an excellent fight, she wasn’t able to defeat them. These were top dogs.

The suits bring her to an abandoned warehouse and tie her to a chair (the go-to kidnapper move). Agent Silverfox (a name he doesn’t quite live up to) pushes Cat for details about Vincent. When she doesn’t give him anything, he shows her pictures of burned down towns and people Vincent killed in one of his beastly rages. This is the first time she is faced with the ugly truth that Vincent has killed innocent civilians and it’s not sitting well with her.

Agent Silverfox also eludes to the fact that Cat’s mother was involved with Meerfield and the experiments. He promises to tell her more once she turns over Vincent. He leaves a card with his number on it and gives her three days to contact him — or he’ll come after her again.

When Cat gets back to her apartment, Vincent is there. She is clearly shaken and noticeably distant. He assumes it is because of Meerfield, but he later realizes that Cat is actually afraid of him. He was just starting to feel like a human being again, a good person who can help people, but the look of fear in her eyes reminds him of the monster he is.

vincent makes a tough decision

Now Vincent is afraid of what Meerfield will do to Cat and he doesn’t want her to have to turn him in, so he takes matters into his own hands. He steals Silverfox’s phone number and turns himself in!

J.T. gets wind of this and alerts Cat. He tells her he knows for a fact that Vincent would never hurt him, even if he seems like he’s out of control. This seems to be enough to calm her fears and she’s ready to jump to his aid. So, the unlikely pair work together to track Vincent’s location and save the day. Vincent is able to take down the suits and everyone goes home all in one piece.

Vincent and Cat have their weekly round-up discussion, but this time there is more of a friendship vibe between the two. Cat apologizes for doubting him and says she understands that his actions weren’t his fault.

There are larger issues at hand, however. The two may be safe for now, but Meerfield knows he’s out there and they will still come looking for him.

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