Twilight‘s Rob Pattinson was ‘starstuck’ meeting Kristen Stewart

The cast of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2 is facing the end of an era as they promote the last film in the series. Find out the 15 new things we learned about the series and the cast at their final press conference.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

It was a bittersweet gathering at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills yesterday as the cast of Twilight held their final press conference for Breaking Dawn — Part 2.

After five years of working on the series, Nikki Reed told reporters she was “very, very sad” the whole thing is finally coming to an end.

While we don’t want to spoil the film for you — you’ll have to wait until it comes out on Nov. 16 — we can share a ton of great gossip from the cast.

Despite countless interviews over the years, they still managed to surprise us with new facts, anecdotes from the set and info about what’s to come in their lives…

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

15  New facts about the Twilight cast


Robert Pattinson was “starstruck” when he first met Kristen Stewart.

“I met Kristen at the audition. I was starstruck. I’d seen Kristen in a few things, but it’s funny to see people get humanized.”


Taylor Lautner takes it all off in Breaking Dawn — Part 2… and he was scared to do it!

“I was so nervous to film it. It’s always uncomfortable when I have to take my shirt off. I’m the only one doing it. Everyone is bundled up, and I’m the only one in jean shorts. It’s awkward. The pants came off for that one.”


Kristen Stewart is keeping Bella’s rings.

“I kept the rings,” Kristen told SheKnows of the engagement ring Bella got from Edward and the one passed down from Bella’s grandmother. “The rings are extremely important to me.”


Nikki Reed doesn’t want children… for now.

“I’m very maternal. I love children, I do. I don’t want any now. I’m not ready.”


Rob thinks “vampire fans” are weird.

“It’s always been strange to me that someone could be a ‘vampire fan.’ It’s an unusual thing to be. It’s more of a psychological problem than being a fan.”


Elizabeth Reaser is “Team Obama.”

When asked what Christmas gift she’d like to give her character, Esme, Reaser told the crowd, “I think she’d be extra happy if Obama won. So if I could make that happen…”


Michael Sheen hated his vampire eyes.

“The ones I had to wear were bigger than everybody else’s. They were like golf balls. In order to get them into your eyes, you have to have someone lifting the eyeball. Human beings are not meant to have things shoved in their eyes. I used to say can’t you just CG it? You don’t have much peripheral vision. If I allowed myself, I would go into hysteria.”


Kristen broke her thumb filming Breaking Dawn — Part 2.

“I broke my thumb the first or second day of the intense action stuff. That was really frustrating. But it was fun. I’d been on the sidelines for so long just itching. I was a little overzealous.”


Taylor regrets not keeping his wig.

Though Lautner was happy to lose his famous Jacob mullet for Breaking Dawn — Part 2, a piece of him misses it. “Looking back, I should have kept that thing. The last scene I filmed with the wig, I took it off and everybody knew how much I hated that thing. They asked me, ‘Do you want it?’ And I was like, ‘No, get that away from me.’ I told them that they could burn it. It’s a regret I have.”


Nikki loves to cook.

“I cooked for [Elizabeth]. And my apartment was across the hall from [Mackenzie Foy] while we were filming, and so I would spend almost every night cooking with her family.”


Taylor’s fans still “blow his mind.”

“I signed this girl’s arm, and this one in particular I remember. The very next day somebody emailed me and it was a link to this girl. She had tattooed my signature on her arm. I was like, ‘Man, that’s dedication. I’m sorry you did that.’ These fans are passionate and they continue to blow my mind.”


Kellan Lutz has been practicing ballet.

The manly actor, who played Emmett in Twilight, is now gearing up for his dream role as Tarzan. But the preparation isn’t what you’d expect.

“I just love the monkey man. It was quite fun for me. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. How to walk like Tarzan is pretty much a ballerina-esque walk. I mean, I played football, so it took a couple of weeks.”


Kristen stole a prop for Nikki.

“The only thing I have from these movies is my baseball shoes from the first film. I was too afraid to take them and Kristen went back during reshoots and took them for me. I’ve never worn them because they’re covered in mud and I feel like it’s wrong to wash the mud off. So I don’t know what to do with them.”


Taylor is still keeping close ties with Twilight.

“I’m re-teaming with the producers of Twilight, who I love, on an awesome script. It’s different for me. It’s very serious and dramatic. I’m really excited.”


The Cullen family knows how to break it down.

During the last day of filming, the Cullen family surprised the rest of the cast by breaking out a choreographed dance to the song “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)” by British pop duo Eurythmics.

“We practiced on our lunch breaks,” said Elizabeth Reaser. “Michael Sheen has some of the craziest moves. It was very intense choreography.”


And, one last bonus fact we learned about your favorite vamps while hanging out during lunchtime at the press day:

Rob and Kristen love In & Out Burger. The couple — who sources say are totally back on — ordered double doubles “monster style” together for lunch.

Looks like Twihards are getting the happy ending they hoped for!

Be sure to catch the final installment of this epic series in theaters Nov. 16.

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