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Jimmy Kimmel crosses one off the bucket list

Jimmy Kimmel finally made his childhood dream come true last night when David Letterman appeared on his ABC talk show.

Jimmy Kimmel finally had the opportunity to meet his broadcast hero, David Letterman. Last night, on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the CBS late-night talk show host stopped by the ABC chat fest during its special Brooklyn week of broadcasts.

Kimmel opened with, “Not only is my first guest tonight the main reason I got into television. He is the main reason I got a television. I am more excited that he is here tonight that I am able to explain.”

From that moment on, Kimmel gushed and fawned over his guest. He shared memorabilia, including photos from his 18th birthday of the Late Nite with David Letterman logo on his cake and photos of his “L8 Nite” vanity plate from the Isuzu I-Mark he had in high school.

Letterman quipped, “I am more concerned for you. Did your parents step in when they saw?… I mean, these are, these are warning signs, Jimmy.”

Kimmel did compare the experience to the time Johnny Carson appeared on Letterman’s program, but the CBS veteran deflected any compliments.

Letterman stated, “Well, when Johnny Carson was on my show, the big difference was Johnny Carson really was something, and I’m not much of anything. That was the big difference.”

Kimmel had originally tried to get Letterman on as his very first guest when his late-night show debuted. Letterman declined but sent a complimentary note, which Kimmel then had framed for his office. Once the ABC show decided to broadcast in Kimmel’s hometown during November sweeps month, the former star of Crank Yankers extended the invitation again. This time, Dave accepted.

The whole meeting was almost cancelled after Sandy blew through the Tri-State Area, causing severe damage to the New York City boroughs and shutting down mass transit in the area. Kimmel’s Monday night show was dark, but he picked up on Tuesday after the weather calmed down and cleanup officially began.

No word about whether Kimmel and Letterman will become BFFs, but the starstruck Kimmel asked if he could live with the veteran talk show host for a month.

Dave quickly retorted, “I kind of feel like that’s what I’m doing tonight.”

Thus, Letterman proved he’s still the late-night talk show king.

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