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Nashville recap: Any publicity is good publicity

Juliette finds out that her blond hair and singing talents can’t save her from everything.

Juliette Barnes is a bad, bad girl

Juliette Barnes might be the biggest thing in Nashville, but that doesn’t mean she’s immune to scandal. The buxom blonde’s career is (irreversibly?) damaged after a super scandalous video goes viral.

And, of course, what episode would be complete without a bunch of Deacon and Rayna dramz? That’s this week’s Nashville in a nutshell — let’s break it down.

Juliette’s ‘come to Jesus’ moment

Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) ended last week’s episode with a bit of a five-finger discount at the local grocery store. She probably would’ve gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for those pesky kids down the aisle. The gaggle of teens videoed her with the pilfered nail polish and promptly uploaded it to YouTube.

That’s when things got hairy. The video soon gained 4 million views, leading two of Nashville’s finest to descend on her compound to give her a citation. Her manager and high-powered publicist soon swooped in to help deal with the fallout. It’s all for nothing, though: She storms off during an interview on Good Morning America when Robin Roberts asks her about her drugged-out mother.

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The result? Her tour is off and basically no one wants to be around her. Even her manager wants to quit, though she tearfully persuades him to stay. His one condition? Tell him why she stole something so cheap in the first place.

“It made me feel like I could take care of myself when no one else would,” she replied.

Wait, what? That makes no sense, but then again nothing she does really makes sense. He leaves by telling her to hang out with some friends and get her mind off the scandal.

The problem? She has no friends.

“I don’t have friends, just people that wanna be seen with me,” she replied.

She ends up calling Deacon and he at least wants to sleep with her. So, there’s that.

Gunnar gets a girl

Think Gunnar is going to spend all his time pining over Scarlett? Well, he is — but that doesn’t mean he won’t have a little fun along the way. The duo’s demo ends up earning them a deal with a Nashville music publisher. First day in the office he meets Hailey, a sexy assistant with a death grip on her office stash of yogurt.

The brunette Hailey ends up taking Gunnar, Scarlett, and her ridiculous boyfriend Avery out to dinner. Avery gets all pissy when Scarlett mentions his music and he storms off, telling her that he doesn’t need her help.

“My music speaks for itself!” he tells his pouty girlfriend before stomping off.

Actually no, Avery — but nice try.

Gunnar’s not too worried about the shenanigans between the bickering lovebirds, though — he’s too busy hopping into bed with Hailey. God, he’s adorable. Hailey asks Gunnar in their post-coital bliss if it’ll be awkward at the office. Is it ever not awkward to hook up with someone at work?

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The love triangle becomes a love square

Don’t think an episode of Nashville will go off without more drama in the Rayna/Deacon/Teddy triangle. At the beginning of the episode we catch Deacon and Rayna in bed together.

Could it be that they’ve finally decided to give into their burning loins? Not quite — it’s just a dream. Rayna (Connie Britton) is clearly disappointed/half-disgusted that she only sees her husband’s face when she wakes up, but she plays it off.

It turns out that Teddy’s campaign isn’t going so well — shocker, we know. Rayna’s sister ends up asking her superstar sister to perform at a country club campaign event. She’s not exactly thrilled to be around “those people,” but agrees. Deacon also gets roped into the occasion, though the performance almost comes to blows when Daddy Warbucks insults Deacon for showing up late.

“I’m gonna do this thing, but I’m not gonna kiss your ass while I’m doing it, that’s [Teddy’s] job,” Deacon yelled at Daddy Dearest.

“You think I want you to be here right now?” Teddy answered.

“I’m here to help you?! Hell, I’m not even votin’ for you.… You’re nothin’ but a straw man,” Deacon replied, finally saying what everyone was already thinking.

The biggest bombshell of the night wasn’t Juliette’s dalliances with larceny, though. Turns out a Nashville society girl named Peggy (played by Kimberly Williams-Paisley) might have a little somethin’-somethin’ with Teddy. The pair has a clandestine meeting on some roadside when Peggy implores him to come clean with the whole thing. He brushes it off, saying they should keep things a secret.

So, it turns out the buttoned-up Teddy might be the most scandalous Nashville resident of all.

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