Arrow recap: The Hood gets caught!

Doesn’t it normally take forever for the authorities to uncover the identity of a vigilante in worlds where heros run around in capes and hoods? Looks like Arrow is moving full-speed ahead. Try to keep up.

The Hood revealed?

First, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) revealed himself to his bodyguard Digg (David Ramsey) and tried to recruit him to be his trusty sidekick. We all knew it was bound to happen. Digg is way too awesome and handy with a gun to stay in the lowly position of personal security. But, Digg turns him down, calling Oliver a “murderer.” Stings a little, but yeah, it’s a title he’s earned.

So, Digg hobbles away with a bullet wound and a poison hangover, and has to decide what he’s going to do with this information. He meets up with his sister-in-law and struggles with feeling like he hasn’t done any good since he’s been out of the military. He’s tired of being a living security system to the wealthy. It really doesn’t take too long for him to realize that being a superhero would be awesome, so he takes the gig on one condition: He’s no one’s sidekick.

Then, Oliver goes out on a limb for an innocent man about to be executed and approaches Laurel (Katie Cassidy) as The Hood. And by “approaches,” I mean breaks into her apartment, looks like a hot and terrifying monster, turns on his deepest Batman voice, and scares the crap out of her. She whips out a gun and chastises him for being the city bully. After their encounter, you can tell she was pretty into him, despite the fact that he represents the exact opposite of everything she stands for.

The Hood scares Laurel

The two manage to work together to free the innocent Peter Declan without Laurel even getting one hint of his identity. Even when they were trapped in a prison riot and The Hood was dressed as a prison guard in a ski mask and she stared into his electrifying blue eyes, she had no idea. Not a one. Instead, she saw a killer who was about to beat a man to death because he attacked her.

Laurel tells her father, Detective Lance, that she knows The Hood is bad for the city and he’s a killer. Oliver overhears this and is heartbroken because he somehow felt that lying about his identity and working with her was healing their relationship. She also tells Detective Lance which costume the hooded crusader was wearing this time.

Being the excellent detective he is, Lance reviews security footage of the stairwells in the prison and catches Oliver changing into the prison guard ensemble. So, one second Oli’s shaking hands with his new vigilante pal and the next he’s being whisked away in cuffs being called a murderer… yet again. He may be a tough as nails, murderous crime fighter, but Oli really is sensitive about the name-calling.

Also, his shipwrecked boat is in pieces in one of his family’s buildings. Walter Steele (Colin Salmon) sort of breaks into the building by trying different passwords until he gets it right. You have to wonder what kind of high-tech security system allows you to try multiple failed passwords without setting off a warning somewhere. And who sets the password to a secret building filled with a secret ship as their dead husband’s name? Mrs. Steele has to get better at being sneaky if she wants to keep all her lies and secrets under wraps.

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