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Beauty and the Beast preview: Vincent, the sacrificial lamb?

Is it possible for Cat and Vincent’s relationship to become any more mind boggling? Probably not, but the writers are going to keep trying. This time, Vincent lays it all on the line for the girl he barely knows.

Beauty and the Beast star Jay RyanBeauty and The Beast. Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan). Those two. They just don’t know what to do with themselves.

If Cat’s not running head first into danger of her own, she’s dragging Vincent into the line of fire. Then, when he tries to escape the cops (and her), he lets himself get talked into coming back. This week, things get really stressful.

Vincent stumbles upon and revives a kid who has been seriously hurt and takes him to the hospital, leaving Cat and Tess to investigate what kind of trouble the kid was in. They question a (possibly) abusive father and then a suspicious girlfriend, but this case is a little harder to crack.

Meanwhile, Silverfox and his Muirfield agents track down Cat and make a proposition. If she’ll tell them where to find Vincent, they’ll tell her the “truth” about her mother’s murder.

Cat has spent the past few years of her life mourning the loss of her mother and working to solve the mystery behind her death. You’d think she’d jump on this, right?

It doesn’t sound like it.

In fact, Cat leaves the agents and heads straight for Vincent to warn him. Cat has been obsessive about her mother’s case. She’s almost pushed multiple people out of her life in the process of trying to solve it and yet she abandons her efforts to save the cute guy she’s known for only a few weeks. What is wrong with this girl?

Then, despite the fact that Cat really just seems to annoy the living daylights out of him and continually get him into more trouble, Vincent offers to turn himself in if that means Silverfox and his gang of suits will leave Cat alone.

Surely Cat won’t agree to this, right? It’s so hard to tell.

Image courtesy of The CW

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