Chicago Fire sneak peek: Halloween heats up

Halloween time for any firehouse means a lot of cleaning up after crazy, drunk people. This year, for Firehouse 51, the guys will also have to figure out how to do some cleaning up after themselves. Can’t they just throw Voight in the river?

Chicago Fire Chief

Things are heating up on Chicago Fire. This week, two of the guys from Firehouse 51 must deal with annoying issues involving recent calls. Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker) must deal with lawyers as the city investigates the death of a homeless man in a recent fire. Meanwhile, a dirty cop continues to stalk Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) about his decision to include his son in a report he filed. Things are tense at the station as the guys try to put out these (figurative) fires.

Last time on Chicago Fire, Matt Casey was called to the scene of an accident. Once there, he discovered that the accident was alcohol related and that the driver responsible was Detective Voight’s son. Voight tried to convince Casey to alter his report, but Casey refused. It looks like Casey’s decision to play by the rules will continue to cause beefs between him and Voight.

Chief Boden is facing his own drama. When he and his men were called to the scene of a warehouse fire, things were already out of control. A peek inside provided a view of someone who’d passed out. While at least one of the guys was willing to go back in, the chief said it was too unsafe and pulled the guys back from the building. A few seconds later, there was a flash.

The victim was a homeless man, and now his brother is raising a ruckus. If the chief pulled back when there was still a chance of saving the man, a lot of people could be in serious trouble.

Chicago Fire EMTs

It’s also Halloween in Chicago. That means costume parties full of clumsy, drunk people accidentally hurting themselves, with the EMTs stuck with the job of dealing with the consequences.

As things continue to go awry for Firehouse 51, everyone just might be feeling a little bit cursed.

Images courtesy of NBC

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