Revolution recap: Kill or be killed

Some things didn’t die with the blackout, such as heroine and prostitution, and Miles leads the gang right into the center of it all. Is this a good idea? No. No, it’s not.

The gang arrives unwelcomed at Drexel's

There are some twisted villains in this post-electricity apocalypse world and, so far, no one is worse than Drexel (Zacharey Bradley) the heroine kingpin and pimp.

Miles (Billy Burke) takes the gang to Drexel’s place because he has a doctor who will be able to help Nora (Daniella Alonso). It doesn’t seem like the smartest move, however, since Drexel is still hanging onto his hatred for Miles for abandoning the militia. Drexel is a caricature of a Colombian drug lord who thinks life and death is all fun and games.

Drexel agrees to help Nora, but not without a price. He wants to send Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) to murder one of his enemies who burned up his heroine. If she doesn’t do it, he will kill them all. Although everyone else objects, Charlie agrees to kill an innocent man.

Charlie considers killing an innocent man

Lately, this girl’s got some issues and she’s really kind of acting like…  an unbearable female. She even says to Aaron (Zak Orth), “You couldn’t save, Maggie.” We were there. We know how much Aaron tried to save her. Thanks for the reminder, jerk.

Charlie’s nasty comment sends Aaron into a spiral of self-deprecating flashbacks when he remembers the many ways he couldn’t help save his beautiful wife, Priscilla. He was king of the world before and was able to use his nerd skills and intelligence to land everyone’s dream life, but he wasn’t much use in a world filled with fighting and camping. Even though Priscilla loved him more than anything, he left her in the middle of the night after yet another violent encounter where someone else had to come to her defense. I’m sure it didn’t help that the someone else was young, handsome and extremely fit.

But, this time Aaron is going to do something about their impossible situation. He helps Miles escape the house to stop Charlie from stabbing a guy in the eye because he is willing to sacrifice his own life to save her from morphing into a cold-hearted killer. Miles kills a few of the bad guys on his way out, which inevitably draws attention to his escape and puts Aaron in harms way.

Nora must kill Aaron to survive

When Drexel finds out, he decides to play a devious little game. He gives Aaron and Nora a gun and tells them to shoot each other. The one quick on the draw gets to live. Otherwise, he’ll kill them both. When Aaron can’t convince Nora to shoot him, he shoots himself in the chest! Lying on the ground, he suddenly opens his eyes and fires a shot into Drexel’s stony heart. His crew probably weren’t huge fans of the guy either because they didn’t seem bothered at all and let the pair walk away. Turns out Aaron had a flask in his pocket and it saved his life.

On Monroe’s base in Philadelphia Danny (Graham Rogers) and his mom (Elizabeth Mitchell) come face to face for the first time since he was a little boy. They hug, she cries, it’s a touching scene. But, I’m thinking the same thing that’s plastered all over Danny’s face, “Why is she there?”

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