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Romney vs. Obama: What they think about the middle class

People say the greatest divide when it comes to the presidential candidates is the middle class (aka: most everyone). So what exactly does that mean? Who is the middle class and what happens to them, depending on who becomes president? Do the candidates really care? These are all questions you’ve probably asked, and that’s OK. Politics get confusing, but facts are important to understand, especially when it affects you. Here is the gist on middle-class and how it will be affected, depending on who is elected.

Mitt Romney - Barack Obama

So who is the middle class?

The middle class is simply you, me, and most everyone in between. It’s the working class, families, and our neighbors. It’s the people without millions invested in Swiss banks, but rather are saving money for their children’s education paycheck to paycheck. Members of the middle class typically have college degrees and work in a professional environment, but are by no means swimming in money. These are the people who work hard every day to earn their money. The middle class lives comfortably, but always strives to live better. There is an upper and lower middle class, but it covers the majority of Americans in the country. You know who I’m talking about.

Both Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama claim they want to lower taxes for the middle class.

How does Romney want to help the middle class if elected?

Despite comments in a certain video, Romney claims to be for 100 percent of Americans. He wants to lower taxes for all citizens in general, in turn trying to better conditions for every American rather than favoring a specific group. He doesn’t think millionaires should be taxed for their achievements, as achievements are what the country is built on. Consequences for being innovative and successful are not against his rules.

How does President Obama want to help the middle class if elected?

President Obama doesn’t think it’s fair that millionaires pay a similar or smaller amount of taxes that a middle-class (with average income) family struggles to pay. Right down to it, he wants to raise taxes on the wealthy. He wants millionaires to pay their fair share. He wants to invest in the middle class. He wants more federal investments made in education, infrastructure, and manufacturing while cutting discretionary spending. Obama wants to reduce the national deficit by $4 trillion, which he believes would help the middle class in the long term.

What will Romney do with taxes if elected?

He wants to keep taxes low across the board. He wants incentives and tax breaks for new businesses and keep the small ones alive. He wants to back off of corporations and give them room for healthy competition. To Mitt, high taxes eliminate competition and growth, and that’s on his to-change list when it comes to America.

What will President Obama do with taxes if elected?

He will maintain and promote tax cuts and low taxes for middle-class families and small businesses.

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