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No one wants to be Lindsay Lohan’s new publicist

The actress hasn’t had the best press in the last few years, and she has been fired by two different publicists. Will she be able to find someone who wants to work with her?

Lindsay Lohan

You would think that being a publicist for a high-profile celebrity would be a dream for any PR person, but it looks like Lindsay Lohan is having a hard time finding someone who wants to represent her.

In March 2010, publicist Leslie Sloane-Zelnik dropped Lohan from her roster, and just last week, Lohan was dropped by her new publicist. According to The Huffington Post, that rep, Steve Honig, is used to “trainwrecks” — including Courtney Love and Brooke Mueller — but decided Lohan was just too much for him.

The New York Daily News spoke to some high-profile publicists about whether they would pick up Lohan as a client, if asked.

“Anyone who represents her is taking a risk because she flies off the handle, she’s uncontrollable and she gets in her own way,” a PR rep who’s dealt with Lohan told The New York Daily News. “It’s not only working with her, it’s working with her family. There’s a big difference between Dina Lohan and the Kardashians.”

Another PR rep told the paper that representing Lohan isn’t about promoting the good news, it’s about stopping the bad news. And for the actress, good news is pretty hard to come by.

“You’re not placing stories, you’re just stopping them all day. She has a movie coming out, which is great, but Lifetime [the network behind Lohan’s upcoming Liz & Dick biopic] is handling it — not you,” the rep said.

The world of social media has also become a problem for Lohan. Another rep said that if you take on Lohan, you are also taking on her less-than-normal family. And even if you could stop Michael and Dina from talking to the press without your permission, you can’t stop Lindsay Lohan from tweeting her every thought.

Lohan has Liz & Dick premiering in November on Lifetime, and she also recently shot a cameo in Scary Movie 5, which is set to be out April 12, 2013.

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