Tom Cruise’s Tasered intruder

Tom Cruise weathers another incident in a year filled with strife and conflict.


2012 is going down as a very bad year for actor Tom Cruise. His former wife Katie Holmes filed for divorce, he took a lot of heat for his ties to Scientology, his summer movie Rock of Ages tanked at the box office, and he filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit against In Touch Weekly and Life & Style over claims that he abandoned his daughter, Suri.

But the hits keep coming. In the latest unfortunate Cruise-related incident, Cruise’s neighbor, Jason Sullivan, climbed over Cruise’s fence and tried to gain access to the action star’s property. Sullivan, who is an Australian interior designer, model and reality TV star, was dropped off at the wrong house after partying with his friends. His drunken mistake led to a Tasering by the superstar’s security team.

In a statement today, the Beverly Hills Police Department reported, “Sullivan lives at an adjacent property and was intoxicated at the time of the incident and may have confused himself and entered the wrong property.”

The event occurred at 9:35 p.m. last night, and neither Cruise nor his family were on the property at the time. Sullivan was taken to the hospital to tend to his Taser injuries and was finally released. That is, after he was arrested for his crime.

The reality personality does not own the property that abuts Cruise’s house. He is merely a houseguest, for the time being.

The 41-year-old intruder was cited for trespassing, and he will have to appear in court next month. TMZ broke the story and has exclusive photos of his arrest.

Cruise will next be seen in the crime drama Jack Reacher, which will hit screens Dec. 13.

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