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Toni Braxton bankrupt, butthurt by Oprah

Toni Braxton’s bankruptcy saga continues. Rumor has it the singer has been up to some funny business with her estranged husband — not to mention she still isn’t over a “so frickin’ mean” incident with Oprah Winfrey from 1998!

Toni BraxtonToni Braxton is a sensitive, broke soul. The “Un-break My Heart” singer has allegedly been shuffling money around in order to keep from having to pay back her bankruptcy debts, while gearing up for her own episode of VH1’s Behind the Music.

TMZ reports Toni Braxton is accused of fraudulently transferring over $53,000 to her estranged husband, Keri Lewis. It is alleged the money move was made in order to avoid paying back creditors in her ongoing bankruptcy case.

Toni Braxton, who filed for bankruptcy in 2010, was believed to have $10 to $50 million worth of debts at the time. The money sent to Lewis was said to have been earmarked as payment, and now the bankruptcy trustee is suing to get it back.

A rep for the 45-year-old, however, states, “All of the payments made to Lewis prior to Toni’s bankruptcy filing were appropriate transfers for reasonable and necessary personal and business expenses in the ordinary course of her business.”

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As if Toni Braxton’s bankruptcy woes making headline news isn’t embarrassing enough, the singer claims the one and only Oprah Winfrey added insult to injury long ago. In a taped interview set to air on VH1‘s Behind the Music Monday night, Braxton says, “She was so frickin’ mean to me, I was in shock.”

Recalling her conversation with Oprah, which took place in 1998, Toni Braxton explained, “She said, ‘I hear you have Gucci flatware; I’m Oprah Winfrey and I don’t have Gucci flatware…’ You didn’t have Gucci flatware because you didn’t wanna buy it; it’s not because you couldn’t afford it.”

Squeezing her thumb and forefinger together, Braxton added, “She made me feel this big.”

Do you believe Toni Braxton’s claim that Oprah was mean to her?

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