The Carrie Diaries new sneak peek

The CW won’t premiere its prequel to Sex and the City until 2013, but the new promo is too good not to share! Time to get excited for The Carrie Diaries!

The Carrie Diaries - Carrie and Larissa

Two months left until 1984, ladies!

Coming in 2013, The CW will unleash its new show, The Carrie Diaries, the prequel to HBO’s well-loved Sex and the City.

The show is set in 1984 and follows Carrie Bradshaw (AnnaSophia Robb) as she embarks on her senior year of high school. After spending the whole summer (rightfully) grieving the loss of her mother, Carrie enters her senior year in a daze. Her friends try their best to pull her out of the fog, but it’s just not good enough. There’s also a cute new foreign exchange student at school and, just like old/future times, Carrie ends up falling pretty hard. However, that doesn’t change that her family is falling apart: Her dad misses her mom and her sister is dealing with her grief by rebelling.

Carrie needs an escape.The Carrie Diaries - Carrie

When her father offers her a chance to intern at a law firm in New York City, she jumps on it. Once she’s there, the stylish teenagers soon jump headfirst into the world of a fashionista. She meets the style editor for Interview magazine, Larissa (Freema Agyeman), and the two become pals. Larissa is an adult, though, and Carrie is just a kid. How will that pan out?

When Candice Bushnell sat down to write a prequel to Sex and the City, she knew what she was doing. She could have taken any of the four women (Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda or Samantha) and written an interesting book about their time as teenagers. She knew what her readers (old and new) really wanted, though. They wanted to go back in time with her original high heel-wearing, heroine with the crazy hair, Carrie.

The Carrie Diaries doesn’t premiere until January, but if you want a blast of big hair and neon in the meantime, check out Bushnell’s book by the same name. It’s oh-so-much-fun!

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