Katy Perry rocks the vote in a latex dress

Katy Perry publicly announces her vote for president in a most unusual way: her dress.


It looks like President Barack Obama can add one more vote to his re-election campaign. Singer Katy Perry officially endorsed the president at a rally in Las Vegas on Wednesday night.

This comes as no surprise to her fans since the Grammy Award nominee played at another Obama event in Los Angeles earlier in the month. This time, though, Perry chose to reveal her vote in a rather unusual way: her dress.

The tight, white latex dress featured a ballot box with the names of the president and his contender, Mitt Romney, clearly featured down the front. The only difference was the ballot box visibly filled in next to Obama’s name.

The dress was revealed during her second song after her backup dancer pulled off her original outfit. The form-fitting dress showcased her fit body and was accessorized by her red Mary Janes.

Playing to a crowd of 13,000 people, her five-song set featured her mega-hit “Firework” as the finale. She encouraged the Nevada audience to get out there and exercise their right to vote by saying, “Don’t wait. Go tomorrow.”

The America Forward Grassroots concert was held in an area just northwest of downtown Las Vegas. The event was also featured on Thursday night’s Rock Center episode during an exclusive interview with NBC’s Brian Williams and the president.

Another famous face also made an appearance during that broadcast: Perry’s 91-year-old grandmother, who is a longtime resident of the state of Nevada. It seems that her grandmother caused a bit of mischief during the evening’s events, leaving a lipstick mark on Obama’s cheek.

He jokingly said, “I’ve got to know Katy and she’s a wonderful young lady. And I can tell that part of it is because of her outstanding grandma, a 50-year resident of Nevada. The only thing I have to say is she got some lipstick on me when she kissed me. Fortunately somebody wiped it off before Michelle saw it. I’m telling you, you’re going to get me in trouble!”

Clearly the president had a great time, but it seems like the “Teenage Dream” singer was even more impressed as she tweeted, “So tonight was a great night! The PRESIDENT gave grandma and I unforgettable shout outs & now I am officially 28! Best. birthday. Ever.”

Image courtesy of DJDM / WENN.com


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