Russell Crowe's ego and schedule are to blame

Oct 26, 2012 at 5:11 p.m. ET

Russell Crowe has been famous for years for his temper, his ego and his carousing. It looks like all of that is finally catching up to him as he and his wife, Danielle Spencer, call it quits.


Last week there were rumblings about the demise of actor Russell Crowe's marriage to his wife of nine years, Danielle Spencer. This week, it appears new details about the impending divorce are emerging.

The couple, who married in 2003 after years of an on-again, off-again relationship, has weathered many rumors over the years due to the Master and Commander's hot-headed temper and wandering eye. Two famous instances of misbehavior still stick in many people's memory because of the public nature of his temper tantrums and his large ego.

In 2003, while his wife remained home pregnant with their first child in Australia, Crowe was spotted in Hamburg at The Dollhouse, a well-known strip club in Germany. This was just seven months after they had walked down the aisle. To make matters worse, he was photographed by another patron and his temper got the best of him as he tried to make the shutterbug erase the photo in exchange for money. The photos were released despite an attempt from his legal team to obtain an injunction.

In 2005, the Oscar winner tore a phone off of a wall and threw it at a hotel concierge in New York City when he was trying to reach his wife and wasn't able to get through. However, other rumors persist that he was with another woman and trying to hide his infidelity. The actor was charged with second-degree assault and fined for his offense.

The couple has two boys, Charles, 9, and Tennyson, 6, but it seems the busy actor has spent very little time with his children or his wife in the last few years. He has been on the film set over the last eighteen months working on Man of Steel, Les Miserables, The Man with the Iron Fists and Noah. Spencer and the kids live in Rose Bay, an eastern suburb of Sydney, while Crowe has traveled the world for work.

There's been no official word from the Gladiator star except on his Twitter account, which has been documenting his fitness regime:  "yesterday 10km bike ride to work, 25 mins weights, 25mins yoga/stretch."

Spencer has been keeping busy with a stint on the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars and while she has kept mum, her partner, Damian Whitewood, revealed, "Once we’d wrapped and finished she said things weren’t great."

The couple does not have a pre-nuptial agreement, so expect this battle to be played out quite a bit in the coming months.

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