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Lil Wayne didn’t have a seizure after all

Lil Wayne is getting better after an emergency trip to a Texas hospital on Thursday.

Lil Wayne didn't have a seizure

Lil Wayne’s plane had to make an emergency landing in Texas on Thursday night after the rapper suffered a medical emergency on board. He was transported to a local hospital and spent several hours there before checking out around 6 p.m.

Wayne didn’t suffer from a seizure, contrary to reports.

Lil Wayne was successfully released from the hospital after being treated for a severe migraine and dehydration,” his rep said in a statement. “He is at home on doctor mandated rest and will return to work soon. He appreciates all of his fans for their support and love.”

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Dehydration seems to affect a lot of celebrities — it’s one of Lindsay Lohan’s favorite ailments. However, Weezy hasn’t really complained of health problems during his career, but he did almost die from a self-inflicted gunshot wound when he was 12.

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“Little Dwayne picked up the gun and began horsing around with it in front of a stereo blaring music. At about 1:15 p.m., the boy accidentally fired a bullet through his chest. The slug then shot out the lower left corner of a window,” the New Orleans Times-Picayune wrote in a 2009 profile of the off-duty cop who saved him.

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“Somehow, it missed every vital organ. But the boy was dying. Dwayne dialed 911, wheezing as he spoke. As blood poured out of the wound and formed a puddle near the stereo, the operator pressed for details. ‘You will find out when you get here,’ the boy said, according to the police report.”

After that, a little dehydration seems like a piece of cake.

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