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Sexy snaps of Sofia Vergara are being shopped

Sexy shots of Sofia Vergara were apparently stolen from fiance Nick Loeb’s phone. We doubt the sexy actress has anything to be embarrassed about.

Sofia Vergara sexy photos

Get ready, boys: Sofia Vergara might have some sexy photos floating around out there — and drooling website owners are trying to their hands on them.

“The photos show Sofia in her bathroom and the bedroom, and, while they are personal, they are not fully revealing,” a source tells the New York Post of the non-nude snaps. “But her management team are doing their best to make sure they do not become public.”

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The Modern Family star reportedly “looks fantastic” in the photos allegedly pilfered from fiancé Nick Loeb’s BlackBerry. We have a hard time believing she’s really that upset over the photos. After all, this is the same woman who showed off her thong-clad butt on Twitter during the Emmys. She knows her T&A is what made her a star — and she embraces it.

“I know [my breasts] have opened doors for me … I want to show all this off while I still have it. I already know I am going to get a breast lift,” she told CNN earlier this month. “Then, maybe one day, when I am done with being sexy, I will just get rid of them.”

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Plus, we love her no-apologies approach to her curves. The Colombia native told The Talk last year that she’s never fit into the size-0 samples given to her for events.

“Somebody told me: ‘You have to lose weight because you’re going to look bad in pictures. Looks at the other actresses — look how good they look,'” she said.

“I told her: ‘They might look better in pictures but I look better naked.'”

We don’t doubt it, Sofia.

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