Halloween reads that will spook and scare you

For some, Halloween is all about the trick-or-treating and dressing up the kids in cute costumes. However, the scary aspects of Halloween are also part of what make it fun. Long after the last kids have come to the door, curl up with one of these books on Halloween Night for a thrilling, spooky experience.

The Tale of Halcyon Crane cover

The Tale of Halcyon Crane
Wendy Webb

When Hallie James discovers that her mother — whom her father claimed was long dead — was alive until recently, she is shocked. She doesn’t understand why her father lied to her, nor why her mother never tried to make contact. Hallie travels to her mother’s last home, on an island in the middle of the Great Lakes, for some answers — but she isn’t prepared for the icy reception she gets from the locals. Hallie must discover the secrets behind her mother’s last years, and she soon learns that things that go bump in the night may not be as mythical as she once thought.
The Dead Path cover

The Dead Path
Stephen M. Irwin

Horror novels seem to have a bad reputation as all blood and gore, but if you give Stephen M. Irwin’s psychological horror novel a try, you might just get hooked on the genre. Nicholas Close is a man with personal demons. His gift, the second sight, has become a curse, as he’s doomed to relive his wife’s death over and over again. Trying to shake off those horrible memories, Nicholas returns home, but he doesn’t find the peace there that he craves. The dark, mysterious woods near his house are still there, and they bring back memories of the murder of Nicholas’ childhood friend, Tristram. Now another boy has gone missing, and Nicholas must solve the mystery of the woods before it’s too late.
The Drowning Tree cover

The Drowning Tree
Carol Goodman

Sometimes, it’s the writing — the atmosphere of a novel — that sends chills down the reader’s spine, and Carol Goodman has mastered that. In The Drowning Tree, Juno McKay has no desire to attend her college reunion. After all, she knows whispers of her past will follow her — tales of how she ended up pregnant before graduation and how her husband, a fellow student, wound up in a mental institution just a few years after they were married. But Juno can’t pass up the chance to see a good friend, Christine, who is delivering a lecture on the school’s history. Christine’s lecture turns out to be incendiary, and when Christine disappears just days later, Juno has no choice but to descend into the madness of the founding family of the school in order to uncover what Christine discovered.

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