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Nashville recap: Let’s get human

They all might seem career-driven, but it appears all that the Nashville crew wants is love. Also, a couple of big storms are brewing on the horizon.

Nashville week 3

Wednesday night’s Nashville was all about humanizing some of the more unlikeable characters on the show. We saw that yes, Juliette, Avery and Rayna’s dad have a bit more to them than brooding and evilness.

That’s not to say they’re still not evil in their own ways — they can’t let people think they’re weak, right? Of course, the bulk of this week was also about the love triangle between Rayna, Deacon and Juliette — that’s what the show is built on after all.

That’s this week’s Nashville in a nutshell. Let’s break it down.

Will the Feds come knocking?

Rayna confronts her DAddy

We knew Rayna and husband Teddy were in quite the financial mess, but we never knew they were in this big of a pickle. Turns out the couple has like $10 left in bank and their financial suits tell them they either have to stop spending, or find another way to get some money. They both seem to balk at the idea of having a budget, so one of the men advise her to go on tour with Juliette. Rayna’s like “LOL, not happening.”

Their other advice? Either get a line of credit on the house or ask Daddy Dearest for a loan. Rayna’s not down with that idea, either — she hates her dad, remember? Teddy’s not too keen on the idea of a credit line, given that he’s in a mayoral campaign and, well, their credit is shot.

Daddy Dearest somehow finds out about their financial mess and sends Rayna a huge check out of the kindness of his heart. Just kidding, he has tons of stipulations on it, like she can’t go on tour basically ever. Rayna gets all mad about it because she secretly wants to go on tour so she can sex Deacon, but she won’t admit it.

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Later, Rayna’s sister reveals that the real reason their Daddy hates her career is because their dead mother carried on a yearlong affair with a country music singer — and Daddy knew about it. Naturally, Rayna goes and confronts her father about it. He gets uncharacteristically honest and human when he says Rayna reminds him a lot of her mother — only worried about herself, not her family. Naturally, Rayna gets pissed and leaves. He later takes out old photos of Rayna and his wife and gets emotional. Wait, Daddy Warbucks has a heart? Seems like it.

Teddy eventually says he’ll go to the credit union and get a line of credit since he used to be on the board of directors. He meets with his old credit union buddy and they swap pleasantries until the buddy tells him the Feds are auditing the bank. Teddy looks way concerned and ask how far back the government is looking into transactions. The oblivious buddy says 2008. Gulp. We basically see Teddy’s stomach drop as he pretends he needs to talk to Rayna about the application. Just how many financial crimes did Teddy commit back before the economy collapsed? Probably a lot. Enough to kill his campaign? Uh, yeah. Enough to put him in jail? Well, we’re sure Teddy will look quite dapper in prison blues.

Spoiler alert: Rayna still wants Deacon

Rayna spent much of the episode avoiding Deacon and any personal talk, mostly because they had that way-too-intimate performance at the Bluebird last week. If that performance is any indication, they’re sure to hit the sack together on the regular during their acoustic tour.

It doesn’t help that Juliette keeps pursuing Deacon for her tour. She keeps throwing around the word “exclusive” to get Deacon to sign on, but even regular rounds of sex won’t get him to betray his real love.

Ultimately, Rayna tells Deacon she just needs to let him go and he’s like, “Uh, yeah please,” even though we can tell he doesn’t really want her to let go. Their tour is still up in the air, it seems.

Here, sing into this whisk

Gunnar and Scarlet finally get in the studio to cut that demo with Watty White. The problem? Gunnar is a professional and does his part — he really wants this career, after all. Scarlett is a bumbling mess, though — she screws up the song multiple times until Watty’s like, “Uh, we’re done for now.” He takes Gunnar aside and tells him they’ll just get another woman to sing Scarlett’s part. You’d think Scarlett would be happy about that, but she most definitely is not. She’s a good Southern Belle, though, and acts like nothing is wrong.

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Later, Gunnar tells jealous Avery about what happened at the studio. Avery wonders aloud why she would blow that kind of chance and Gunnar’s like, “Because she’s afraid of what you’ll think of her success, duh.” We figured Avery would be all smug about it, but he later tries to help Scarlett by instructing her to sing into a whisk. He tells her he’ll be there for her in the studio and she should go for it. Relieved, they head back into the studio and Scarlett nails it.

Juliette’s pillhead mom back in the picture

Nashville week 3

It seems like Juliette’s addicted mother is just as persistent at getting to her daughter as she is scoring some dope. We find out that her mom contacted the record label to get Juliette’s address. They don’t give it to her, but they do give her money to leave. Naturally, Juliette wasn’t happy that they gave her money to buy more dope.

Mommy again shows up at a recording studio and Juliette acts like her addiction is contagious or something. She quickly gets in a waiting SUV and leaves her big bodyguard to dispose of her mom.

Meanwhile, Deacon keeps teasing Juliette by coming by the recording studio to cut the emotional song they wrote together. Producer Randy (remember him?) thinks it’s a hit, but Juliette is more concerned with getting Deacon into bed again. He doesn’t put up with much of a fight and ends up spending the night at Juliette’s house. The problem? She obviously wants something more — both musically and personally — but Deacon’s just in it for the good time. She asks him why he didn’t call her on stage that night at the Bluebird and he gives some tired line like “I’m here now.” Good one, Deac.

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Later, Juliette goes to Deacon to get his final word on the tour. She totally thinks he’ll say yes to an exclusive contract, but he says no. Why? He says she needs someone who can be there for her and he’s not that guy. Really, it’s about Rayna. Juliette leaves — and she’s mad. It doesn’t help that her manager convinced her to let her meth freak mother move in with her to avoid a public relations nightmare.

Juliette heads to the store to get some munchies to drown her sorrows in — chips, dip, the usual. She inexplicable throws like a $5 bottle of nail polish into her purse and some fans catch the whole thing on cell phone video. Maybe the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree after all.

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