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If you liked the Sherlock Holmes movies or are bursting at the seams for the new season of BBC’s Sherlock to premiere, CBS’s Elementary might be worth a closer look. The best part: Watson is a chick!

Elementary's Holmes and Watson

In recent years, there have been two reincarnations of the classic stories of Sherlock Holmes. First there were the movies, which featured Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law as Holmes and Watson. However, purists may have scoffed. Holmes could never be American, right? Enter the BBC drama, Sherlock. Picking up right as Sherlock and John met, the BBC practically turned Sherlock into a romance as it let viewers watch the two men become friends. But with the series only consisting of a few episodes a season and the next season delayed until 2013, fans of the awkward detective may be looking for another outlet.

At least that’s what CBS is banking on with Elementary, which just got orders for a full season.

Elementary should come with a warning, though. This is not a show for purists. Other than Sherlock’s personality quirks and occupation, the only part of the books that stays intact is Holmes’ accent. This Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) is very English.

After that, producers have run amok with the story of Sherlock Holmes. This time, Sherlock is living in New York. His “partner,” John Watson, isn’t even a John anymore! Instead, Watson’s first name is Joan (Lucy Liu).

How does Joan enter Sherlock’s life? Upon Sherlock’s release/escape from a stint in rehab, his father hires Joan to be a “sober companion.” She lives with Sherlock in the most rundown of the various properties Holmes’ father owns in New York. She drags him to AA meetings and administers drug tests. She must be with Sherlock as much as possible. Watson becomes his partner by default.

Sherlock is a genius. Sort of. He has a theory involving the space in his brain. It keeps him from knowing simple things like how our solar system functions. However, he can crack the toughest of cases merely by observing people, taking in scenes and noticing the unnoticeable.

Watson doesn’t shrink in his shadow, either. A former surgeon, Watson is smart and incredibly clever. She’s capable of keeping up with Sherlock’s logic when most others fall behind. She’s also better at communicating with people.

With a full season ahead and only a couple episodes down, it’s not too late to jump on the Elementary bandwagon. All previous episodes are available on CBS’s website, as well as Primetime On Demand.

You may even be able to catch up before Thursday’s new episode!

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