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Hot new trailer: Safe Haven

Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel bring Nicholas SparksSafe Haven to life in this riveting tale of new love, fresh starts and a creeping past that could ruin it all.

Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel are the latest duo to embark on a Sparks-inspired love spell.

SheKnows has been talking to Sparks, investigating exclusive content, and relaying all the hype surrounding this upcoming motion picture.

According to Sparks, the actors “have such a wonderful and singular chemistry on set and on camera.”

“I am not just satisfied — my expectations have been exceeded,” he continued.

We caught up with the author to discuss the maturation of the film and the development of his style, and after seeing today’s trailer we couldn’t agree more.

“It’s a hit,” Sparks said. “I shouldn’t be surprised: I’ve worked with Lasse Hallström (who also directed Dear John) before, and I know how talented he is.”

For those who may not have read the book, Sparks explained, “Safe Haven is a story about second chances and the redemptive power of love. Katie has a troubled past and, after fleeing Boston and finding herself in Southport, she is offered another chance at love and life.”

Safe Haven is scheduled to hit theaters Feb. 8.

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