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Gerard Butler surfs with emotion

Gerard Butler shows that underneath all of that brawn, he has lot of heart in this true-life surf tale, Chasing Mavericks.

On Oct. 26, the world is going to learn about the true life tale of Jay Moriarity, who, at the age of 17, chased his dreams and made surfing history by tackling some of the biggest waves up at Half Moon Bay in Northern California.

The film, Chasing Mavericks, starring Gerard Butler and newcomer Jonny Weston offers a story of inspiration and heart for a boy who was always the underdog in his Santa Cruz neighborhood.

Weston, in his first big studio film, was inspired by playing the title role of Moriarity, who died in 2001 at age 22 after drowning in an apparent diving accident in the Indian Ocean.

“Personally, when I was working on the film I took away going after your dreams as hard as you possibly can and bowling down everything in your way,” he said.

Butler, who plays Moriarity’s gruff mentor, Frosty Hesson, also executive-produced the film, so the story was a very personal one for him.

“It’s a beautiful tale for following your heart and having something in your mind and… really going for it,” Butler said.

Even though the film has a lot of soul, the set was not without its own challenges because the actors had to do some of their own stunts. In fact, Butler was injured and hospitalized after a falling into the rough surf.

The Scottish actor says, “It was pretty dangerous. It’s not a movie just about surfing, it’s a movie about big wave riding.”

While the accident did give him a scare, Butler was back on set the next day.

However, the set wasn’t always so serious because the two clearly developed a genuine friendship throughout filming. When SheKnows asked Weston one little secret about the handsome Butler, he said, “Gerard secretly wears his wet suit to bed.”

Now, that’s what we call Method Acting.

Chasing Mavericks opens nationwide on Friday, Oct. 26.

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