Arrow sneak peek: His deadliest enemy yet

Oct 24, 2012 at 10:53 a.m. ET

On this week's episode, Arrow faces a new enemy: Deadshot. Known for being the deadliest mercenary in the world, Deadshot is not one to be reckoned with.

Arrow on the salmon ladder

The CW's awesome new superhero hit is back with a brand-new episode. You know you're stoked.

Arrow is loosely based on the some of DC Comic's characters. Making an appearance in this week's episode alongside Arrow (Stephen Amell) is Deadshot (Michael Rowe).

Deadshot is a bada** cyborg-esque sniper who never misses. Or, as The CW likes to call him, "the world's greatest assassin." What's he doing on Arrow? Well, he's hunting Arrow's alternate personality, Oliver, of course.

Actually, Deadshot starts out by sniping someone else and taking the person down.

Arrow, now in the midst of his personal war on crime, can't have any of that, though. To take down Deadshot, he has to draw him out. To do that, he has to make him mad enough to come after him. But, is upsetting a guy who always hits his target really the smartest move Oliver can make?

The CW just ordered the entire season, so obviously Arrow will survive. But, at what cost?

Hooded ArrowArrow may be based on DC Comic's characters, but The CW's version has a story and a spin all its own. Arrow is the alter-ego of billionaire, Oliver Queen. After getting shipwrecked and spending five years on a desolate island, Oliver was rescued and returned home.

A lot can happen in five years of solitude. It does things to a man. It changes his way of thinking and teaches him how to properly utilize a salmon ladder. Also, it makes him sexy. I mean, super sexy. Even with a hood over his head.

Like anything The CW does, Arrow is full of drama and skin. Not that anyone is complaining. Not even the nerds.

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