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The presidential debate: Celeb tweets you won’t see

The American public isn’t stupid and you don’t have to be terribly observant to figure out a media outlet’s agenda. If you tuned into Fox News after Monday night’s presidential debate, you heard about how snide and patronizing Obama was. If you tuned into MSNBC, you heard what a doofus Romney was. Websites tend to pick celebrity tweets that align with the message they want to get out. Here are the celebrity tweets from last night’s debate you won’t read anywhere else…


In response to a Men’s Humor tweet that asked, “When are they going to start to talking about the real issues, like why is Snooki still on TV,” Snooki tweeted, “And THAT’s why I stopped following Menstrual Humor. The Snooki jokes got real old real quick.” Whoa! Improper adverb structure aside, this was Snooki’s “bayonet and horses” tweet from last night.

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian

“Best birthday ever! We had such an incredible time in Italy,” read Kim’s tweet from last night. Weird. Kim evidently wasn’t tuned into the debate, because she was probably too busy changing outfits in the bathroom while on her dinner date with boyfriend Kayne West. The only political thing about her tweet is that she was spending her ill-founded millions in a foreign country. Good thing she wasn’t in China, and good thing she wasn’t sitting across from either candidate last night or she would have had some explaining to do!

Justin BieberJustin Bieber

The Biebs had voting of a different kind in mind Monday evening when he tweeted: “Make sure to vote for the EMAs and the AMAs.” Justin is referring to the MTV’s European Music Awards and the American Music Awards, and his nominations for both. It would appear JB is too busy campaigning for himself to care too much about the debate. He just turned 18 in March, and may have forgotten that he’s old enough to vote in this election, so we’ll cut him a break.

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan

Because we all give a frog’s fat a** what Lindsay Lohan thinks, in regard to Monday night’s presidential debate LiLo weighed in through Twitter, “1920s, 1950s…IT’S ALL THE SAME…History repeats itself…Only if you let it.” How profound. What the hell is she talking about? History repeats itself if you let it? As in if you keep stealing stuff, getting into public arguments with your mother, being charged with DUIs and going to court it will happen again, if you let it? Hey Lindsay, the Xisha Islands in the South China Sea, 205 miles from civilization called. They booked you a one-way ticket for a self-imposed exile until/if you can get your s*** together. Do us a solid, and take Mommy and Daddy with you.

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