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Canceled: The latest shows to say ‘bye-bye’

Oh, no! Canceling season is upon us! We’ve got the full scoop of what shows have made the full-season cut and what shows have already been axed (so far).

Animal Practice canceled

It’s thinning season and that means a turbulent time is ahead for anyone involved with television. We’re seeing major cancellations and a couple additional season pickups across all of the stations. Are your favorite shows sticking around?

Following the weekend, a major cancellation was announced — this one causing quite the stir and a bit of an outrage from some of the more loyal fans.

Private Practice, from ABC darling, Shonda Rhimes announced this will be the final season. It seemed inevitable, though, as viewership continued to fall and its star actress, Kate Walsh, already said she was leaving.

That’s not the only cancellation so far this season. Last week, we announced the cancellation of NBC’s Animal Practice. CBS’s Made in Jersey also recently got the ax, much to the chagrin of… no one.

What shows have survived so far?

Showtime just announced that Homeland will be picked up for a third season. They won’t say what’s in store yet. With one actor’s scheduling conflict and Season 2’s major plot wrap-up, I’d wager it’s partly because they’ve yet to figure it out. But the national security thriller led by Claire Danes picked up all kinds of Emmy nominations and continues to gain viewers.

The New Normal Cast

According to Entertainment Weekly, a few other shows have received a full season order. They may not make it to Season 2, but The New Normal and Go On both have full seasons ahead. So does Revolution, of course.

Not at all shockingly, rumors are already circulating that The CW’s new hit, Arrow, will be around for at least the entirety of this season. Meanwhile, execs have also ordered up the back nine (that means full seasons) for The Mindy Project and Ben and Kate.

As more shows are canceled and renewed, there’s one question on many minds that has yet to be answered:

How many shows must be cut to bring Community back sooner?

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