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Editor’s video pick: Miranda Lambert’s ‘Over You’

This gentle and passionate song, which is an ode to a lost family member, tugs at our heartstrings in this touching video.

Miranda Lambert live

Up for Music Video of the Year and Song of the Year, this couple is on fire. Can I call them the Jay-Z and Beyonce of country music? I want to. In my eyes, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are immensely talented and can do no wrong. This beautiful husband-and-wife artistic duo collaborated in writing this tribute to Mr. Shelton’s late brother.

Even if you didn’t know the history behind the song, you would certainly understand when you watched this delicate and moving video. Set in the woods, the lighting is dim and the sky is overcast — riddled with symbolism, the scenes move from brothers playing until one disappears and the camera pans to a pristine, lone white horse, standing majestically.

Mrs. Blake Shelton looks beautiful in a ruffled dress with combat-inspired knee-high boots. A black-lace, tailored coat adorns her petite figure as she walks contemplatively throughout, wearing her pain all over her face. The visuals are breathtaking and set the mood, with Miranda’s performance being entirely moving.

I would have liked to see Blake in the video, but I can imagine it would have been too painful for him. Blake Shelton was incredibly close to his brother. Taste of Country reveals Blake and Miranda actually cried when Blake coined the lyrics, “How dare you?” Watching Miranda recite them in the video almost brought a tear to my eye.

It’s really refreshing to watch a music video that evokes such emotion from the viewer. Death is such a sensitive topic, and I feel the directors really captured the pain involved in mourning. Romantic love is such a popular topic in music that we forget love also exists amongst family — and that it too can initiate such a lack of control over our feelings. This music video really could win at this year’s Country Music Awards!

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