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Emily Owens M.D. episode two: Sneak Peek

The CW’s Emily Owens M.D. made plenty of fans last week, when they ran the pilot. The brand new, lighthearted medical “drama” is back with its second episode, and we’ve got a clip!

Emily Owens MD CastEmily Owens M.D. is back with her second episode, in what will, hopefully, turn out to be a long run. The second episode promises to be just as funny and sweet as the pilot episode.

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According to, Abbey will be back. Abbey is the little girl whom Emily (Mamie Gummer) operated on, and who convinced Emily to tell Will (Justin Hartley) about her feelings. Abbey will most likely be in recovery after surgery, though there will no doubt be plenty more bonding moments between Abbey and Emily.

Things with Will continue to be awkward, despite Emily’s best efforts to “act normal.” When we last saw Will, he was leaving the hospital with Cassandra, Emily’s high school enemy. The scene reeked of a probable future relationship. Emily may be in need of another date in the stairwell with all the chocolate she can buy from the vending machine. The sneak peek also shows a face-off between Emily and Cassandra. It’s safe to assume it might be Will-related.

Emily Owens M.D. sneak peek >>

Another awkward and potentially dramatic moment for Emily involves the chief of the hospital. Last time, on her way home, Emily opened the door to the stairwell and found the chief tangled up with a nurse. That’s stressful enough. It’s only made worse by the fact that the chief’s daughter, Tyra, is a fellow resident and one of Emily’s new friends.

Emily Owens and Micah

The sneak peek doesn’t show much of Micah (Michael Rady) or his sick mother, but they’re sure to continue with that plot, too. Maybe he’ll share his secret with Emily soon? It seems inevitable.

Emily Owens M.D. is a great show for anyone who loves a medical drama but prefers that the emphasis not fall too heavily on “drama.” (I’m lookin’ at you, Grey’s Anatomy.) If you’re tired of the practically constant life-or-death stress that makes up every episode of Grey’s Anatomy and (the soon ending) Private Practice, it’s understandable. How many times must Mer and Yang worry they’re no longer the other person’s “person?” How many times do we have to discuss the various sexual crimes against the women of Private Practice? If you miss the days of first-year mess-ups and hot scenes with McSteamy and McDreamy, Emily Owens is the perfect show for you. You’ll get your fill of hotties in scrubs or fingers fondling intestines, without needing a nap once the hour ends.

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