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Adele and Donald Jr.: Yep, famous people still reproducing

Ever notice how celebrities do everyday tasks, like having babies, just a little bit bigger and better than the rest of us? Megan Fox tricked everyone by concealing the birth of her babies for weeks! Uma Thurman gave her baby a name that’s going to make the first day of Kindergarten a real b****. Here are a few examples of how celebrities put their own special twist on reproduction…


The “I’ll be Waiting” songstress will wait no more — for her baby to be born, that is. Adele reportedly gave birth to a son Friday, though it has yet to be confirmed by her “people.” Since Adele waited until she was halfway through her pregnancy to officially announce it, her little guy could be on his way to college before Adele makes an official statement. With the birth of her baby, maybe this multi-Grammy winner is trying to prove she can, indeed, have it all.

Donald Trump JrDonald Trump Jr.

On Sunday, The Donald Jr. added baby number four to his brood. This news only trumps other baby news because his wife, Vanessa, is a model and their youngest child (prior to the birth of this little guy) is a year old. Oh, and because it was Donald Trump Jr. who is making headlines for having a baby, and not his dad. This was the biggest “gotcha” moment for those reading this headline early this morning. At first, we thought it was Donald Trump Sr. who was announcing the birth of another child with his younger-by-24-years wife, which might have made us mildly uncomfortable.

Beyonce and Jay-zBeyonce and Jay-Z

What’s in a name? Ask Uma Thurman, who stuck it to her baby daughter by giving her seven long, hard-to-pronounce/spell names. We’re sure the first thing that baby Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson is going to ask her mom is, “Why do you hate me?” Beyonce and Jay-Z are also making news related to their baby’s name, Blue Ivy, because they tried to trademark it. We’re still trying to figure out why they named their baby Blue Ivy, and now we’re left wondering why they want to trademark it. Because they think it’s so wonderful, they don’t want anyone else to name their baby Blue Ivy? Of course not! They sought to trademark (and lost their bid to do so) reportedly so they could market the hell out of baby products named after Blue Ivy. Bummer. Guess this dynamic duo will have to figure out another way to make millions off baby stuff. Maybe they should try trademarking Green Topiary, or Purple Clematis or Pink Moss.

Tori SpellingTori Spelling

In response to pop culture’s question, “Does anyone really give a rip what Tori Spelling is up to?” comes a story about her harrowing ordeal with the birth of her fourth child. (Apparently, having four kids has become vogue among the celebrity set.) Tori’s “miracle baby” story involves her diagnosis of placenta previa (where the placenta covers the cervix and increases the chances of internal bleeding). We don’t roll our eyes at this condition, only at how it has been dramatized in Tori’s case when you consider it affects 1 in 200 pregnancies. We’re sure the public’s stance, “Nope, we still don’t give a rip what Tori Spelling is up to,” will be answered with stories of her prolapsed uterus and the removal of it. Stay tuned.

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