Editor's video pick: Eric Church's 'Springsteen'

Oct 26, 2012 at 11:24 a.m. ET

This 2012 Country Music Awards contender has an undeniable hit on his hands.

Eric Church live

Logic favors a clear reason why the song "Springsteen" is up for Single of the Year, Song of the Year, and Music Video of the Year at this year's Country Music Awards. It's that good.

Remember the passion of your first love?

This nostalgic tune can jog memories of those warm summer nights, when you were only 17. We all can remember young  (all-consuming) love and that famous question we always wonder about: What if? The comforting wisdom in Eric Church's voice made indulging in this couple's past all the more irresistable.

The video starts with your above-average girl next door, elaborating on what she would want in a boyfriend. But rather than be annoyingly unrealistic, her response is likeably innocent and genuine. Unfolding her love with her boyfriend seems far from simple. There is a somber, sad overtone that can't help make me wonder — did they end up together? Watching the video really reminded me of how unpredictable and emotional some relationships can be and how being young can influence how rebellious and freeing love is to us.

Irrespective of your own story, anyone could connect to the video's innocence

What I like most is how the memories don't connect — they all are scattered, like what it would be like if you or I were to imagine memories from our past. There's no finale or closure either — and the suspense still bothers me! Between Church's "whoa-whoa-oo-oo" and references to Bruce Springsteen (who the Post Gazette reveals is an influence on Church), your ears will enjoy the video as much as your eyes will.

For you fans concerned that the video may not feature your handsome outlaw, Mr. Church — fret no more — he makes his share of appearances, one of which is perfoming whilst in a tricked-out garage. The smooth, all-American sound of this song goes down so well, you can sit back and reminisce guilt-free.

I don't want to pick a favorite just yet, but the other Music Video of the Year nominees have some competiton!

Photo courtesy of Judy Eddy/WENN.com

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