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Lindsay Lohan’s dad tried to stage an intervention

Michael Lohan tried give his daughter a surprise trip back to rehab today. But he failed to take two things into account — the police and the fact that she doesn’t have to open the door.

Lindsay Lohan

Father of the year (not really) Michael Lohan decided to surprise his daughter on Friday. But not quite in the way any daughter would want. He showed up at Lindsay Lohan‘s house to stage an intervention for the actress.

“I’ve just left Lindsay’s house,” he told Celebuzz. “It didn’t go well.”

The website said that cops were “swarming” Lindsay Lohan’s property in an attempt to get him to leave, but he told a TMZ camera operator he wasn’t going anywhere.

“I’m just trying to resolve some issues that Lindsay is having,” he said. “She is just around all the wrong people.”

He said he became worried after she failed to show up to a shoot for her current movie, The Canyons (although a producer for the movie told E! News that the tweet he sent saying she had missed work was only a joke). Lindsay’s publicist said part of the confusion came because the actress is also busy promoting her movie Liz & Dick.

Michael Lohan told the cameras that her friends are all “alcoholics” or “drug addicts” and that everyone else around her is worried about her.

“I just want to talk some sense into her and get her some help. That’s all we want,” he told TMZ. “We want the best for her. We want her to pick up where she left off at Betty Ford.”

Lohan’s dad did not show up alone. He had a couple other people with him to help, but a man answered the door (and E! News said he identified himself as Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend) and said Michael wouldn’t be the one to help her solve her problems.

Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to rehab. The actress has been admitted three different times and has been in trouble with the law. She served 480 hours of “community service and therapy sessions” after a 2011 shoplifting arrest.

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